Eco-Friendly and Durable are Just Two of the Advantages of Cork Flooring

Monday June 02, 2008
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When people think of cork, they often think of soft, brown squares that were popular on bedroom walls in the 1970s, and not cork flooring. Corkboard was used by teens everywhere to hold up pictures and posters of athletes and movie stars.

Cork floors are becoming a popular choice for flooring in homes and businesses. But can the same thing that used to adorn walls be a good choice for the floors of your home? Along with being extremely durable, cork flooring has many other advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of cork flooring:

  • Cork can last a lifetime – Because cork is basically 80% air, it is extremely durable. Cork floor tiles are also very water-resistant, so they are an ideal choice for family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms that may see their fair share of spills. Because cork’s air composition allows it to give, cork flooring is resistant to scratching and denting.
  • Cork is a sound environmental choice – Cork flooring comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. Governmental regulations only allow for the bark to be harvested every nine years, and the Cork Oak bark regenerates itself after the harvest. In today’s world where protecting our natural resources is becoming more vital, cork floors are a logical choice.
  • Cork is a healthy flooring alternative – After just a few steps on a cork floor you can tell that it is softer than traditional flooring. Because cork is comprised of air-filled cells, it is easier on backs, knees, hips and other joints. Cork is also anti-allergenic because it contains Suberin, a waxy substance that repels bugs, mold, and more.
  • Cork retains warmth and muffles sounds better than other flooring – Because of its more than 200 million air cells per cubic inch, cork is a great muffler of sounds and is an ideal choice for music, entertainment and family rooms. Cork also retains heat because of all the air spaces within its cells. Cork floors will be warmer than other types of floors.
  • Cork Flooring is affordable – As with any type of flooring, there is a wide price range with cork depending on what type you buy. Cork flooring usually starts at around $2.50 per square foot and can go as high as $8 a square foot. Be sure to look at all of the features that each price range of cork carries with it to ensure that you are getting the type of flooring that will meet your family’s needs.
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I know you're trying to sell this product. But how about balancing this with the possible disadvantages. I've read them elsewhere, and to me they're minor. But, I think it's more useful to help people choose if they have both sides...
June 9 2014
Just Installed Cork
If you think about cork as a material it is very durable if it can spend a good 50 years in a wine bottle!!! Moisture resistant, durable, and so easy to install! I love cork floors. I'm trying to set the trend! Its such a wonderful floor-I purchased mine from and it was less than $3.00 per square foot. Some places go all the way up to $5.00- even $7.00 per square foot. I suggest shopping around for these floors, if you find a great brand go with it but keep your eyes peeled for some good deals!
April 7 2009
Never considered it
I never considered cork before, but it sounds like an excellent choice. Thanks for this article!
August 26 2008
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