Eucalyptus Hardwood Floors

Thursday October 15, 2009
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The Eucalyptus tree grows rapidly and regenerates swiftly, which is why it has attracted the attention of developers, researchers and environmentalists globally. There is over 700 known species, most of which originated in Australia. Eucalyptus now grows in several other countries in all continents where it is cultivated in plantations. Eucalyptus is also known as Eucalyptus grandis, Flooded Gum, Rose Gum, Scrub Gum, Blue Gum and several other names.

Eucalyptus secretes vast quantities of oil which has a number of uses – medicinal, as a cleaning agent and a natural insecticide. On hot days the vaporized oil rises to form a blue haze that characterizes the Australian landscape and similarly, the Nilgiri or 'blue' hills in South India. The vapor is highly inflammable and sometimes self–combusts, one of the reasons for the ravaging bush fires during the Australian summer. The eucalyptus tree is said to absorb large quantities of water that dries out the surrounding soil which makes Eucalyptus unpopular in some water–scarce areas of the world. However in other areas, Eucalyptus is deliberately grown to lower a water table and dry–out swamps.

Because Eucalyptus is a highly sustainable resource, its use as flooring is considered green by many. Eucalyptus hardwood flooring is available in a number of colors especially with the use of premium pigments. Eucalyptus floors are reputedly more cost–effective than many hardwood flooring options and is said to be as durable. Some hardwood flooring manufacturers offer a warranty of up to twenty–five years. In most cases it is advisable to finish Eucalyptus flooring with high traffic varnish.

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