A Guide to Finding the Best Area Rugs for Your Home

Monday June 02, 2008
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To say that the sky is the limit with area rug design options is almost an understatement. These are not your grandma’s area rugs. There are many different shapes – from round to oval, square to rectangular.

Area rugs also come in many different styles, including traditional, contemporary, border and more. Knowing your design options with area rugs is the first step in ensuring that you get the most design bang for your buck.

Keep these things in mind when considering how an area rug can improve your home’s style:

  • What style of rug best suits your home’s decor? – If your home has a more conservative look, then a traditional area rug might be the best bet. Traditional rugs are more like the Persian and Oriental variety. If your home has a more modern look, then a contemporary area rug is probably in order. Contemporary rugs can have bright colors, geometric designs or animal prints…things that are sure to spark a conversation when someone visits your home. Border rugs are also another option for your home. Border rugs are designed to be more neutral in the center and have color and creativity around the edges or border. These rugs are perfect for setting off furniture in any room.
  • Handmade or machine-made? – A handmade area rug can be the centerpiece of a room, but it also comes with a higher price tag than machine-made rugs. Machine-made rugs also come in styles like Persian and Oriental, but they are much cheaper and will usually not last as long as those of the handmade variety. The choice between a handmade rug and one that is machine-made will usually be determined by a person’s budget.
  • Consider the shape of your area rug – Area rugs do not just come in square, squarer and squarest. While rectangular area rugs are still the most common because of the rectangular shape of most rooms, ovals and circular designs are also a great way to add personality to your room. There are even other more contemporary shapes out there, but you must first decide what type of statement you are trying to make with your area rug before deciding on the shape. An oval or circular area rug is a great way to break up the right angles of a room. These are especially popular in dens and entertainment rooms. Let your imagination run wild when planning your area rug design.
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Thanks for this article. I've been considering buying an area rug for my hardwood floors, but I had no idea where to being. Now I do.
August 27 2008
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