Flooring Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Thursday February 12, 2009
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There are many different floor surfaces that would be suitable for your child's bedroom, depending on your child's age and activities. Carpet is always a popular floor choice for babies and toddlers as it offers a safe and slip resistant surface. Additionally, a number of manufacturers make carpet specifically with children in mind. Now you can find carpets that feature princesses, superheroes and racecars.

Area rugs over a hard surface floor is a good solution for toddlersThe only problem with choosing a carpet tailored to your toddler's needs is that, sooner or later, they'll outgrow those childhood interests. And you'll be left with the costly and time-consuming task of replacing your floors. A current idea that many parents are doing is installing hardwood floors in their child's rooms and laying down an area rug to minimize slips and falls. When he/she gets older, you have the option of removing the rug and/or replacing it with something more up-to-date.

Another great flooring option that parents frequently overlook is cork. Cork flooring is a resilient floor type; this means that it bounces back upon impact. The surface is both firm and pliant, making it a perfect floor for kids just learning to walk. Cork floors also offers heat insulation and can help minimize sound transmission.

Foam Rubber Tiles are colorful addition to a kids roomRubber tiles come in a wide range of colors and can be installed over most existing floor types. You can install rubber flooring with or without the use of adhesive, depending on how permanent you want the floors to be. Loose lay rubber tiles can be installed simply by clicking the rubber tiles together.

While it's important that your floors help maintain your children's safety, it's also important that you get a floor that can withstand your kids wear and tear. Make sure you verify how much foot traffic a particular floor type can handle before purchasing. Laminate, hardwood and bamboo floors are all available in stronger varieties. Note that stronger floor types are usually more expensive.


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