Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Monday February 14, 2011
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I was shopping at the outdoor mall today and my last stop was Williams–Sonoma. When I walked up to the register to pay, suddenly I felt like I was walking on air. There was a nice big cushy kitchen mat under my feet as I stood to pay. Brilliant! Nothing like putting the product right under me so I would literally feel the difference between standing on a hard surface and standing on a fabulous anti–fatigue mat.

These kitchen mats are popping up everywhere and for good reason. People love them and they work! If you haven't tried one of these incredible mats yet, do yourself a favor and walk into a store and try one. They come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes and will fit almost any decor. These mats will not only protect your feet and joints, they will also protect your floors from any food or liquid that may drop on the floor.  They might also stop any dishes or glasses from breaking if they fall.




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foam floor
It's sound great . Would u like to try a wood grian foam floor mat in ur house or room ?
June 3 2014
Cork flooring
Anti-fatigue mats sure are great, but did you know that having a cork floor in your kitchen will give you many of the same benefits?
February 17 2011
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