Glass Flooring Design Inspiration

Friday December 12, 2008
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Glass flooring is most often a construction of colored square glass tiles installed much like ceramic tiles. In reality, there is many more glass flooring design possibilities to consider. Modern architects have been taking skyscraper designs to the next level with see-through laminated glass floors and walkways. Imagine crossing a walkway thousands of feet up in the air over a busy street. Now imagine that walkway being completely see-through so that it appears you're walking on air over the traffic. That's one walk you won't forget! In this extreme application, glass flooring may not be the best choice for those who have a fear of heights. But don't worry, there are many other practical possibilities for glass flooring.

Want to add some extra lighting but just not sure where you'll find room to fit it in your floor plan? Put it right in the floor. Clear glass tile panels allow light to shine through the floor to enhance illumination in a particular area. Another idea is replacing your clunky staircase with a sleek glass panel staircase. Glass staircases can also be illuminated with underground lighting.

Take your glass floors up a notch by installing a custom glass tile mosaic. From butterflies to tribal patterns, a custom tile mosaic can add a little extra style to a room. Keep in mind that glass tiles don't have to be square. They can be rectangular, diamond-shaped or octagonal. You can also use glass tiles to create borders or patterns. Glass tiles can cover an entire floor or simply be used to accent another type of flooring. Glass tiles can be translucent, solid colored or have an iridescent appearance.

If you want your glass flooring to stand out, don't settle for the usual! Do something unique with your glass flooring installation. For help designing your floors, use our locator tool on the home page to search for a professional in your area. If you're looking for flooring tips but don't want to contact a local professional just yet, head over to our forums to chat with one of our tile experts.

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