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Saturday March 14, 2009
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Green Building Supply is a leader in providing non-toxic natural building materials and green (eco–friendly) consulting at a reasonable price. Sustainable flooring is one of Green Building Supply’s many specialties, in which they offer everything from bamboo to hardwood floors, carpet to tile, and linoleum to cork. Green Building Supply also offers eco–friendly flooring accessories and other green supporting products such as underlayments, finishes, sealers, and cleaning supplies. Their green flooring products are certified by international associations that specialize in environmentally responsible trade.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of Green Building Supply’s green flooring products:

  • Many different eco-friendly flooring tyes available at Green Building SupplyGreen Building Supply offers eco–friendly hardwood flooring that has zero VOC’s. This means their hardwood flooring has no formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals used in the flooring adhesive and finishes that are known to release harmful fumes into your home. In addition, they offer eco–friendly hardwood flooring that is FSC certified with a remarkable 27 year warranty.
  • Green Building Supply also offers bamboo flooring that is formaldehyde free and finished with water-based, solvent-free floor finishes that meet and exceed floor testing E-1 standards. Green Building Supply’s bamboo flooring comes only from reputable manufacturers with a commitment to protecting the environment during the cultivating, harvesting, and manufacturing of their eco–friendly bamboo flooring.
  • Marmoleum, a type of linoleum made by Forbo, is another green flooring product that Green Building Supply offers. Forbo's Marmoleum is made from natural and sustainable resources, therefore eliminating the need for toxic chemicals in its construction. In addition, the linseed oil in Marmoleum flooring makes it naturally antibacterial. Marmoleum by Forbo make a great green flooring option for any eco–friendly home.
  • Natural Cork flooring is another eco–friendly flooring product that Green Building Supply offers. Natural Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is harvested without damaging the cork tree, making cork a very renewable and eco–friendly type of flooring. In addition, the cork flooring that Green Building Supply offers is finished with VOC free, UV-cured acrylic.
  • When it comes to green carpet options, Green Building Supply offers non-toxic, renewable, wool carpeting. Wool carpet is also biodegradable, allowing it to easily decompose at the end of its useful life.

Be sure to visit to learn more about their eco–friendly flooring products as well as their other green building supplies so that you can put yourself one step closer to living a "green life". For more information on Green Building Supply and their outstanding customer service, read our green blog "Green Building Supply – Eco–Friendly Flooring Supplier."


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Green Projects
I am a highschool student doing a green home project and would very much like to use pictures and information from your website for my presentation. Please and thankyou.
March 17 2011
Green Building Supply is a great company. I like how they are all eco-friendly. It's about time! We need more companies like this. More start-ups that can function green. I checked out Green Building Supply's web site and it has so much to offer. Thanks for the recommendation.
April 21 2009
Green Flooring
I searched around for new green flooring too and found this article. I too also visited the Green Building Supply website and found lots of information. Green Flooring Supplier - I found other sites like which is a helpful flooring supplier but I also used the search directory on this page to search for the nearest flooring location by me.When I couldn't find what I was looking for in the search directory I used the Live Chat at the top of the page. They answered all my questions quickly. I hope that helps.
March 26 2009
Green Flooring Supplier
Thanks for this article. My husband and I have been looking for a quality company on the internet for green building materials that carry more than just eco friendly flooring. We haven't purchased anything from Green building Supply yet, but we have called them and gotten several quotes. We spent a long terms searching for a green supply store, can you give us any more to compare with Green Building Supply, especially for flooring since that is what you do. Thank you
March 23 2009
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