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Thursday September 03, 2009
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Indoor–outdoor carpet is designed and manufactured as all weather carpeting. They are able to withstand varying climate conditions, including wet weather, and yet retain their color in the sun when other carpet types would fade. Needless to say, indoor–outdoor carpet is extremely rugged and hard wearing.

These carpets are available in a number of designs simulating indoor carpets. Though they are available in a variety of colors, most indoor–outdoor carpet tend towards colors that merge with the outdoors, such as shades of green, reminiscent of grass lawns, earthy browns, grays and blacks. But with increasing applications for such carpet, manufacturers are now introducing them in a variety of colors that blend with any aesthetic theme.

Indoor–outdoor carpet has many applications around the home and in public areas. They are ideal for a sun room, porch or playroom since they do not fade and are soft, yet durable. Swimming pools is another place where such carpet is often used around the poolside area and in changing rooms. In fact they are ideal for these locations since they are able to withstand water and offer frictional resistance to prevent slipping.

Nowadays indoor–outdoor carpet is popular on patios where the carpet is glued or fixed with double–faced tape or in certain cases can be loose-laid. They are ideal for decks and front walks and any surface with a flat surface. Such carpets can be laid on many types painted or waxed wood, slotted wooden decks, plywood surfaces, ceramic and marble, slate and brick, asphalt and concrete. One of the requirements is that the surface should be clean and flat. On slotted, painted or waxed wood, the floor will first have to be prepared with an outdoor sealer before installing the carpet.

Because of the numerous applications of indoor–outdoor carpet, manufacturers tend to bring them out in designs that imitate indoor carpets. Some of the popular designs of indoor–outdoor carpets are as follows:

  • Grass Turf is the oldest and most commonly available. This is also known as sports turf as these surfaces are used for various sporting activities. They are reasonably soft and springy but most sportsmen attest that their cushioning effect does not compare with natural turf.
  • Plush carpets are synonymous with luxury. Plush carpet is ideally suited to areas that are covered and experience a low traffic density. But there are also plush carpets specifically made for the uncovered outdoors where traffic density is likely to be high.
  • Cut Pile Velour carpets have no loops and are most often used on boats, cars and patios.

Some of the factors to consider in selecting indoor–outdoor carpeting are:

  • The base material resistance to ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun, which could degrade the carpet and make the carpet fade rapidly
  • Stain resistance, as indoor-outdoor carpet is more liable to be exposed to staining.
  • Ability to withstand moisture
  • The durability of the carpet must be commensurate with the amount of anticipated foot traffic Indoor–outdoor carpet is made from a range of materials to meet the criteria expected of them. Some materials are rubber, plastic and synthetic fibers which can handle a beating and still retain the looks of the carpet.
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Indoor Outdoor carpet
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