Installing Green Flooring

Monday September 27, 2010
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Many consumers are swept up in the green revolution. But when installing flooring, either for a new home or during remodeling, they are confused as to what exactly is green. Here are some specific criteria that determine a green floor:

  1. The manufacturing process should follow eco–friendly practices and ideas and must implement these practices in the manufacturing process.
  2. Distribution, packaging and transportation processes must be eco–friendly.
  3. The flooring products should be manufactured from renewable or recycled raw materials.
  4. The flooring itself must be reusable or recyclable or should be able to be safely disposed without causing environmental concerns.
  5. The flooring product should not contain toxic materials as to not impact air quality.
  6. The flooring should be designed for an extended life so reducing the environmental impact.
  7. Installation of the flooring should use adhesives with little to no VOCs.
  8. Flooring should be capable of being cleaned without the use of toxic chemicals and with the minimal use of water.

Following these guidelines, classic examples of green flooring are bamboo, which is rapidly renewable along with cork and hardwood flooring. However care must be taken to ensure that glues, finishes and adhesives used in manufacturing are very low in VOCs. Natural stone which can be quarried without making an environmental impact and has an extended life is eco-friendly. Linoleum has been green before for decades, before there were concerns for the environment. Carpet used to be a green offender but today’s carpet is often made with recycled material and is also recyclable. With a few changes to manufacturing methods, almost any floor type can go from green offender to green contender.

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April 22 2013
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April 19 2013
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