Introducing Marmoleum Click from Forbo - The New and Improved Linoleum

Thursday March 19, 2009
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Mention linoleum and most people may think of the flooring that was in their grandmother’s home from the 50’s. Forbo has truly put the new and improved into linoleum with their Marmoleum click flooring. It just may be the Cadillac of linoleum. Linoleum is making a comeback and Forbo may be smiling knowing they’ve had a lot to do with it.

Forbo Holding LogoLinoleum dates back to the 1860’s and was very popular until a full century later when vinyl became a popular replacement. Vinyl was a cheaper alternative and linoleum at that time was considered a luxury. Because it is a greener, more eco-friendly flooring option than vinyl, linoleum is making a comeback. While linoleum may be the well known name, I suspect Forbo’s Marmoleum may soon become the Band-aid of bandages, the Kleenex of tissues and the Q-tip of cotton swabs.

Marmoleum is the new Linoleum from Forbo: Sample product installationForbo has taken linoleum to a whole new level with Marmoleum, especially Marmoleum click which is not only green flooring, but offers eco-friendly flooring installation. Marmoleum click is a floating floor which literally clicks together without the need of glue. Marmoleum click can be walked on right after installation which is just one of the many reasons this flooring is so popular. Besides being eco-friendly flooring, it’s also allergy friendly flooring and Forbo Marmoleum click was the first flooring to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It’s no wonder Marmoleum is a top choice for hospitals and schools.

Designing a new room or redecorating your house? Marmoleum can expand your creative side. Marmoleum click is versatile, unique and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Available in 24 colors different colors as well as squares and planks, your inner interior designer can run wild with endless flooring patterns and shapes. So whether you are shopping for an eco-friendly floor, allergy friendly flooring or you just want to explore your creative side, do yourself a favor and look into Forbo's Marmoleum click. It’s the modern day linoleum.

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Marmoleum Click Flooring by Forbo
Marmoleum click flooring- never heard of it until i start research on installing linoleum floors myself. I am renting out my house and it needs to be touched up. Since this floor is eco-friendly and easy to install, saves the earth and saves me money from having a professional come in and install it I feel like this could be my choice. thanks for the article. I will consider marmoleum click flooring by Forbo immediately! Has anyone used this floor? Any feedback?
April 21 2009
This flooring looks really awesome from the pix! I like the one on top better because Im more of a neutral decorator but the 2nd pic is fun! I like how this flooring is not only eco-friendly but easy to install and ready to walk on immediately... no jumping through hoops to get to the kitchen! Thanks for the article. It really is a cool flooring option!
April 16 2009
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