Is It Hardwood, Is It Stone? - It's Konecto Vinyl Flooring

Tuesday March 24, 2009
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Konecto Vinyl Flooring is the Great Flooring Imitator made to look just like beautiful hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring and natural stone flooring such as slate, travertine and marble. Konecto Vinyl Plank Hardwood Flooring and Konecto Vinyl Stone Tile are fairly new kids on the block in the world of flooring and they are getting a lot of worthy attention.

Examples of Konecto vinyl hardwood planksKonecto Vinyl Plank Hardwood Flooring allows homeowners more options than traditional hardwood or laminate floors. Hardwood flooring and laminate flooring have limitations, one of which is moisture and exposure to water. It is never recommended to install hardwood or laminate flooring below grade and caution should also be used when installing in kitchens or bathrooms as well. Kinecto Vinyl Plank Hardwood Flooring is waterproof and can be installed below grade, in kitchens and bathrooms without having to worry about moisture or water. Konecto vinyl can even be installed in a laundry room.

With all this talk about moisture proof flooring, don't forget that Konecto floors are a perfect fit for pet friendly flooring. Whether your dog or cat have an accident in the house, or track dirt in from outside, vinyl hardwood plank flooring wipes up with the ease of vinyl while maintaining the rich look of hardwood.

Another benefit to Konecto Hardwood Vinyl Plank flooring is the cost savings. Hardwood and laminate floors will require an underlayment and/or a moisture barrier for on grade installation and a sound barrier for above grade installation. Konecto vinyl plank flooring does not require any underlayment, sound or moisture barrier whether below grade, on grade or above grade. The other cost savings with Konecto vinyl is installation. Most hardwood flooring should be installed by a flooring professional. Konecto Vinyl Plank is easily a do-it-yourself (DIY) flooring installation.

Sample stone tile types of Konecto vinyl flooringKonecto also offers vinyl tile flooring for those looking to achieve the look of stone flooring, without the actual stone. Many homeowners choose stone flooring because of the beauty different types of stone brings to a home. Stone floors also bring something else to the home – cold floors and a very hard surface which is why many homes with stone floors also have several area rugs, runners, and floor mats in place. Konecto Vinyl Stone Tile will not get cold like stone floors and it's soft under foot and easy on joints. Vinyl flooring is also called resilient because of its ability to bounce back. Of course installing Konecto Vinyl Stone Tile affords the same do–it–yourself (DIY) installation as the vinyl plank hardwood.

Another great benefit to using Konecto's vinyl tile floor is that you get the great tile and stone appearance without the grout. Imagine grout free tile and the easy of the flooring care and maintenance. With this type of vinyl stone tile, there is never a need to seal grout, but that doesn't mean that your friends and family won't be fooled into thinking you have real stone floors.

Did you always want tile or stone floors but wanted to have a floor that is more kid friendly? Well now you can. The resilience of vinyl tile floor provides a safe surface for young children to play on. At the end of the day, a quick clean to the floor will maintain their new look.

If you are looking for a do–it–yourself flooring project, and want a floor that looks great but cleans up easy, then Konecto vinyl floor products might be the right choice for you and your family. Use the Chat Live feature at the top of each page of the website to chat with a vinyl flooring pro today and find where you can see this amazing floor.


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Follow Up to Konecto Issues
Thanks for inquiring about the Konecto and the results from the post where the material shrank. We spoke to a dealer in the midwest who reported that they as the dealer were representing flooring customers with similar claims. At this moment we do not know if there was in deed a floor failure with Konecto or something else. IF we hear anything about the outcome of this, we will post it on here. Thank you
August 31 2009
What happened with the person who had problems with Konectco over the winter. We live in the South, so would probably never have this problem, but was wondering. Did Konecto address this problem?
August 30 2009
Oh that sux. Thanks for the tips. I'm sorry to the post below who got warped floors. What's the deal? Doesn't this type of floor come in one big slab or something? I'm confused on flooring types, and flooring installation. Trying to educate myself... But now I'm worried, I actually liked Konecto...what to do?
June 10 2009
Don't install unless you keep a warm house!
I had Konecto flooring installed in home last fall. Over the winter I regularly turn down the heat when I'm away. Big mistake with Konecto! Now my floors have large gaps between the meeting places of the floor. I would never buy this product again.
May 13 2009
great article. thanx!
April 16 2009
If you have a new pup install Konecto. Vinyl is more prone to moisture and instead of having to wipe up pee from carpet or any other floor, vinyl flooring makes potty training and your temper stay neutral. it wont bother you as much to wipe it up rather than blot it out. it's easier. just a suggestion
April 9 2009
Looked into it. Thanks for the article! Great information for me because I adopted a new puppy a couple weeks ago. Potty training is difficult and these floors sound like they're cool. I'm considering installing this in my home not only because of my new pup but because I love granite but I can't afford it! Konecto seems like a great product to use to get the same granite feel.
April 2 2009
This brand has so many more qualities too! Yea if I were you I would use vinyl floors in your home because of its water resistance (for your new kittens) ! You can also give your entire home a makeover at a reasonable price because some of these Konecto Vinyl Tiles come in some awesome styles. Its pretty cool. check it out
March 24 2009
New Floors for New Kittens!
I have two new kittens and do not know what to do with my disgusting carpet. Anyone who is interested in Konecto Vinyl Flooring I found lots of information from this site and from Konecto's site as well. I think anyone who needs a pet friendly flooring like myself should think about investing some time and research vinyl floors.
March 24 2009
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