Karastan Wool Carpet

Monday March 02, 2009
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Though wool carpet only accounts for 2% of the carpet market, 2% of a multi-billion dollar market is something worth noting. I recently did some reading up on the United State's largest producer of wool carpet - Karastan. Using New Zealand wool, Karastan controls each step of the manufacturing process ensuring that their carpet is a flooring purchase that you can be proud of. In addition, wool carpet does not off-gas many of the harmful VOC's that petroleum based synthetic fibers, such as polyester and nylon, do. Wool carpet fibers, what Karastan carpet is made ofWool carpets also resist the build-up and transfer of static electricity so you can finally take that dryer sheet out of your pocket. As an added benefit, Karastan has a unique weaving technology that creates very strong and durable wool carpets. If you are a smoker, wool carpets are the only carpet that I know of that can actually resist cigarette burns. Though wool carpets are not right for everyone, those that choose Karastan wool can rest assured that they are buying one of the most reputable wool carpets on the market.


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