Kitchen Rugs for Your Kitchen Floor

Tuesday April 28, 2009
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Large area rugs and smaller kitchen rugs can add a dash of flair to your kitchen floor and also have a number of practical uses as well. It is common to find area rugs in front of sinks and ovens or other areas where one may stand for an extended period of time in the kitchen. Kitchen rugs not only protect these spots from wearing faster than other areas on the floor that are less trafficked, but also provide cushioning and comfort underfoot. Anyone doing dishes for long periods of time or cooking over a stove for hours will appreciate the added comfort of kitchen area rugs.

Common rug styles used in kitchens include Oriental area rugs, floral prints, novelty or theme rugs, contemporary rugs, and solid colored rugs. You find kitchen rugs with several different construction methods including braided, machine made, hand–hooked, hand–tufted, and flat–woven rugs. Kitchen area rugs can be made of a variety of materials including synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and olefin and natural fibers such as wool, cotton, bamboo, seagrass, and sisal rugs.

Braided area rugs are very common in kitchens as they are easy to clean and durable enough to stand up to everyday kitchen abuse. Many braided area rugs look exactly the same on each side making them reversible. In addition, braided area rugs are inexpensive when compared to hand–knotted area rugs, meaning you don’t have to fret once you rug becomes too stained to clean on both sides. Simply dispose of the area rug, or better yet, recycled it at a carpet recycling center and purchase a new one for a relatively inexpensive price.

When selecting a kitchen rug, regardless of the construction method and the type of carpet fiber that you choose, you should be sure to select one that is colorfast and will not bleed if the dye becomes wet. In addition, do not choose rubber backed kitchen rugs as these can stain your floors, often with a yellowish color. Keep in mind that some rugs are machine–washable but most will require a professional cleaning. To learn more about kitchen rugs and area rugs for any other room in your home, visit FindAnyFloor’s section on Area Rugs.

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Kitchen Area Rugs
Ya so I bought an kitchen area rug from Target and it had a rubber back on it. I could have used this information before it stained my vinyl yellow. I'm assuming there's no going back, my floor is permanently damaged. Everyone-do not buy rubber backed kitchen rugs.
April 29 2009
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