Is It Laminate Or Hardwood Flooring

Tuesday May 04, 2010
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There always seems to be confusion around hardwood flooring and laminate flooring and their differences. The fact is hardwood floors and laminate are like diamonds and cubic zirconia –one is made to look like the other when the fact is, they are very different materials.

Laminate is a great imitator of hardwood floors, at least visually. When it comes down to the material and core structure, these two floor types vary greatly. While laminate made to look like hardwood is probably the most popular laminate type, it can also be made to look like bamboo or stone. The fact is, if it can be photographed, it can be used to make laminate flooring. The hardwood looking material you see with laminate floors is nothing more than a very high quality photograph topped with a wear layer (lamination).

When it comes to cleaning and caring for laminate flooring, remember it only looks like hardwood and using the wrong cleaner can cause permanent damage to your floors. Our laminate flooring care and maintenance section will give you all the information you need to keep your floors looking and performing their best. We always recommend that you contact or visit the website of the floor manufacturer to learn what cleaning methods they suggest.

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The difference is simple. Laminate is just and imitation, it's easier to maintain, clean and install. However, it may not look very natural and is less solid than hardwood floor. Source: a href=""Legal Proofreading/a . website:
September 9 2016
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December 18 2014
A choice is up to you weather you like laminate or hardwood flooring both has its advantage and disadvantage. It depends to your budget.
April 15 2013
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