Linoleum Patterns - Why Linoleum Flooring is Making a Comeback

Thursday March 26, 2009
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When it comes to linoleum patterns, Armstrong flooring has an impressive and comprehensive selection. You can choose from their vast array of contemporary and marbleized linoleum designs, in addition to their one–of–a–kind bright pink and neon-green linoleum floor tiles. What’s more, their linoleum patterns are available in multiple installation methods to best meet your needs in terms of design and budget.

Example of Linoleum installed in a kitchen by Armstrong®Linoleum patterns can be very helpful in disguising displeasing debris and dirt spots. If you have children or pets, a flecked linoleum pattern may be just the ticket. Kids and pets tend to carry in everything from food crumbs to outdoor dirt, which could leave your floors looking disastrous on a daily basis. Flecked linoleum patterns may just help divert some of that energy you put towards cleaning your floors.

Linoleum patterns are a very popular choice for bathroom floors. Linoleum is resistant to water, fungi growth and common household allergens – characteristics that allow it to promote a cleaner environment overall. Choose a linoleum pattern in muted browns, blues, reds, or a combination of these and other colors. Find a linoleum dealer in your local area using our Floor Search and/or Floor Directory (located on our homepage) and start browsing your linoleum flooring options today.

Colorful Linoleum installed in a Living Area by Armstrong®The perfect linoleum floor pattern for your home depends on a few different factors: personal taste, home décor, and of course lifestyle. You should also take into account whether you’re installing the floors on your own or by a professional. Some linoleum patterns are very intricate and could be difficult for a novice to assemble. When working with patterns it’s important that the design lines up correctly. One misplaced tile could ruin the entire look of your linoleum floors. Keep this in mind when taking on a linoleum installation project.

While linoleum floor tiles are made with green materials, some companies add certain elements during the manufacturing process that can lessen linoleum’s eco–friendliness. It’s important that you know what to look out for when shopping, so as to avoid buying a potentially harmful product. Check out’s linoleum flooring section, as well as their Green Flooring WebSite to learn more about the right linoleum floor materials for your home.

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Linoleum Floors
I love the look and feel of linoleum floors. I didn't install my linoleum by myself because the article is right. I have a very distinctive patterned linoleum in my bathroom and it would have been a mess if I installed the floor myself. the pattern and feel of my linoleum would have been all wrong. I had a professional come in and install it and it looks great. Linoleum is a perfect fit for any bathroom because with the right bath mat by your shower you can feel safe to not slip and not worry about water dripping on the floor and ruining it. thanks for the article. Linoleum should make a come back.
April 21 2009
Linoleum is not the same as Vinyl !!!!!!
well the floors above are linoleum floors which come in tons of colors and patterns. It would be a cool concept for a 70'2 themed room, or a 50's style kitchen if you're into themes and being creative and fun with the floors and rugs in your home. But VINYL is a lot different. Just to comment to the person who had something to say about vinyl. I just had it installed in my house and it looks like a rich hardwood floor not a cheap knock off piece of garbage floor. I bought my vinyl planks from Konecto and "yuck" is NOT in my vocabulary! They are so beautiful and vinyl is more resilient to moisture so having it installed in my kitchen was a no brainer. Make sure you know what kind of flooring product is what because sometimes it can get confusing. No biggie though... just wanted to clarify and brag about my new floors!
April 9 2009
Some vinyl floors are so ugly! I personally like neutral, browns, reds, bronze colors. Like in the picture above...yuck. Vinyl floors can make your home look really cheap if it isn't done right.
April 2 2009
ARMSTRONG's Product Looks Awesome in my Kitchen!
I just installed Armstrong linoleum in my kitchen. I did it myself and was very pleased with the results. As above, if I were to do a patterned style I would have been in big trouble but I chose their Marmorette with NATURCote Style in a dark neutral brown color. It was so easy to install and I also picked the Armstrong brand because of its credibility in the flooring industry and for its 5-year warranty. I like warranties. It looks great if anyone is considering to go the linoleum route go to Armstrong's site and pick your style in the room you want it. They make it easy
April 1 2009
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