Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association Inc. (MFMA)

Friday October 16, 2009
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The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association Inc. (MFMA) was founded in 1897 and is located in Deerfield, IL. It is the only authoritative source on maple and sports-related flooring and promotes the worldwide use of beech, birch and maple flooring.

MFMA compiles performance and installation guidelines, establishes product quality standards and imparts end–user education on issues relevant to performance, safety and maintenance. It members comprise manufacturers, distributors, installation contractors and allied product manufacturers, all with a commitment to traditional quality guidelines. MFMA is a consultative source for architects, maintenance personnel, schools and other establishments about the care and use of sports flooring.

MFMA is totally committed to the protection and preservation of America's forestland. Its members have dedicated themselves to upholding the highest quality standards relevant to the nation’s forests. Some interesting statistics compiled by MFMA are listed below:

  • A third of the nation comprises forest which covers 737 million acres.
  • The forest and allied agencies plant 1.5 billion trees daily.
  • At any point of time, the US grows six times more hardwood than it uses.
  • Wood is the earth’s only natural resource that is immediately renewable, totally biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.
  • The only energy required to propagate this natural resource is energy from the sun which is free.
  • The forest products industry employs 1,75,000 people.

MFMA aggressively markets hard maple athletic flooring wherever there is an application. More than 55 percent if the North American sports floors are of MFMA maple.

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