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Thursday March 19, 2009
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When it comes to finding carpet that is stylish, yet comfortable, Mohawk carpet has just what you are looking for. Mohawk flooring, one of the largest floor covering manufacturers in the world, offers a wide selection of carpet, with thousands of colors, designs, and textures to choose from. Mohawk's popular carpet collections include; Aladdin, Horizon, and WundaWeve, each distinctly unique and fashionable in their own ways.

EverStrand® and SmartStrand® are two of Mohawk's Eco-friendly carpet brandsMohawk carpets are also available in eco-friendly, or green varieties. These carpets not only look great but they help to protect the environment. Examples of Mohawk's green carpet include Mohawk's EverSTRAND® recycled carpet made from recycled plastic bottles, and Mohawk's SmartStrand® carpet, made with DuPont™Sorona® renewably sourced polymer, derived from corn sugar. In addition, at Mohawk's GreenWorks plant located in Chatsworth, Georgia, they recycle all major types of nylon and polypropylene carpets back into usable carpeting and other products.

Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M and StainMaster® by Dupont are two of the protections Mohawk® uses on it's carpetingIn addition, if you are looking for a kid friendly or pet friendly carpet that can withstand the everyday abuse that your family might throw at it, look no further. Mohawk's Wear–Dated carpets are not only durable and comfortable at the same time, but have also been treated with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology. This Scotchgard treatment, which is exclusive to Mohawk industries, repels stains, allowing for easier carpet cleaning. Mohawk flooring also offers carpet with the well–known STAINMATSTER brand name, creating easy to care for, kid and pet friendly carpets.

So whether the carpet is a classic plush frieze that you are looking for, or a smooth, luxurious Saxony that you crave, Mohawk flooring has the right carpeting for your home or business. To find Mohawk carpet online, visit where you can view Mohawk carpet samples, and access the information you need to make the right carpet choice. Mohawk also offers an easy to use store locator so that you can find Mohawk carpet in your area.

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Smart strand carpet waste of money
I bought Mohawk Smartstrand carpet three years ago. Only me in the house. I cared for a puppy for a month only because my carpet had a life time warranty on pet urine. I have had it professionally cleaned and the urine stains have reappeared. It was a miniature weeny dog I took care of. I have since tried other cleaning solution and no luck. I have the Mohawk Startstrand pad .I don't have any oder problems just stain . I wish I read reviews before I bought it . I've told all of my friends NOT to buy any Mohawk products because they DON'T back their warranties.
October 13 2015
Mohawk Everstand Looks Mottled
Brand new Mohawk Everstand carpet looked mottled even as it was being installed. Carpet dealer came over and said it was the nap. After vacuuming many times, in all directions, it still looks somebody spilled something on it and it's drying in spots. Or it's really dirty. Never again will I buy I Mohawk product regardless of what name they give it.
February 26 2015
I just had SmartStrand Silk berber type carpeting ("Peaceful Shores") a loop type carpeting installed. Does anyone know of a suction ONLY vacuum I could use? I need also a high adjustable height function on the vacuum. Thanks! I just wish I had known about the vacuum issues with SmartStrand Silk loop carpeting BEFORE I purchased it.
November 10 2014
I have been installing carpet for over 20 years. I don't care what type of carpet you have, if a dog urinates on a rug it is going to get to the pad also. I don't care how many times you clean the rug to get the smell out. if you don't remove section of pad and replace, the smell will always be there
November 23 2013
Pet urine and Smart Strand
I have had Mohawk carpet for less than 2 months/. I was concerned about pet urine before I bought it but was reassured that their was a lifetime warranty for pet urine and that it was resistant to urine. Like the writers above, I found that despite my best efforts, when I got a pet urine accident it didn't stain, but I could not get rid of the odor. I have an odorban pad. I pulled the carpet back and the pad was fine, but the whole back of the carpet smelled and delaminated. I complained to Lowes and was told that the warranty covered stains to the upper surface, but any carpet will delaminate if exposed to pet urine. It is ridiculous to promote this as a pet friendly carpet, when the back side absorbs the urine and delaminates. I am trying to get my moiney back. DO not buy this carpet if you have pets.
September 6 2013
We have had smart strand carpet in our house for 6 months. One of our dogs had an accident on the carpet while we were away. We have cleaned the area with our steam cleaner, hot water and mild detergent like our instructions said. There is still urine odor. Help! Anyone else have this problem? What to use to get the smell out?
October 15 2012
Ron As you know we purchased Mohawk Carpet from you on 11/11/2011. The carpet we purchased was in your words pet friendly high traffic carpet.. The Day after the install, I called and told you of the excess shedding in all carpets at the home. I was told this is normal and would go away,It has not stopped.. Ever day in every room even where the dogs do not go-- Office and Bed room --- we have complete loops of carpet come out of the rug..I have saved ever one of them and now I am working on my 2nd sandwich size bag of carpet... I spoke to you several time and to the Mohawk carpet people...My last conversation was with a Misty Young who promised to call me back in 2 days I have no waited 2 and one half weeks with no returned call here is her direct number 706 422 2043.. As you know I am waiting for this to be resolved before releasing any more work to your company I have 4
August 17 2012
Installed Mohawk smartstrand carpet with pet pad on 07-08-11. Carpet is delaminating at the seams which was confirmed as a defect from reputable installer. Called carpet company georgia direct carpet inc. in richmond, indiana to complain only had carpet for 8 months.!! They sent out mohawk carpet inspector who told us pet pad we bought was bad idea and wrote up a report that said it was not a manufactured defect. Went to georgia direct to talk to sales rep. john and al bledsoe. They were immeidatly on the defense and told us to get our own inspector. John actually got in my wifes face and told her they didnt make that much money on us anyway. This is a nightmare! I will never buy mohawk carpet again. I will never do business again with georgia direct carpet in richmond indiana ever again. According to the sales rep. the 20 year warranty is really a joke , something he didnt mention when selling us. I hope this helps someone out there avoid making a very expensive mistake.
May 27 2012
Interior Designer
To all who mention that they do not wear their shoes in the house on their carpet. Bare feet are not good for carpet -- our feet have body oils that accumulate on the carpet and attract dirt. Some of the new "green" fibers have great features -- but I have read that they tend to have problems with oil-based stains. Taking your shoes off is great, but keep your socks on !
May 4 2012
Pet Urine and SmartStrand
I have two Shih Tzu's with bladder stones and they occasionally have accidents on my new SmartStrand carpet. I have no problem getting the stain out but am struggling getting out the odor. Do you have any suggestions that might help me? Thanks!
February 19 2012
Mohawk Everstrand
I had my entire condo carpeted with Mohawk Everstrand. Thought I was doing a good thing by going with a "green" option to help the environment. WRONG! First of all the carpeting was improperly rinsed (carpet inspector hired). This caused a severe reaction in two young cats I adopted two months after. Went to additional cost to have it thoroughly rinsed. Brought the cats back home. All went well for about five months. One cat developed a severe allergy. Additional cost to treat. Two months later she had two seizures. Additional cost. Eventually had to surrender both of my precious cats to the Shelter. I will never trust Mohawk and probably no other carpeting manufacturer again! I hope that others will read this and be very wise in selecting flooring and other materials for their home as chemicals can be deadly to children, pets, and themselves. Thanks for reading. S.
October 20 2011
Smart Strand
Ok, those who purchased smart strand and are happy. Awesome!!! Those who are not happy, I read your complaints. To the person with soil issues, sounds like you skimped out on a better pad. Pad makes a huge difference and if you have high traffic areas with spills that happen on occasion, you should have purchased a pad with a spill guard. There is such a thing called smart cushion/pad made to go with the smart strand. Not all carpet dealers offer this product, but do offer comparable pads with a moisture barrier/spill guard. If you did purchase this pad, the warranty does "not" cover petroleum based stains. To those who purchased smart strand berber/loop carpet and has issues with pulling due to pets, berbers are not and never have been pet friendly. The warranty covers stain issues, not digging, scratching, and chewing, and it does not repel odor!
September 7 2011
Smartstrand is the way to go!!!! I put Smartstrand in my house over 9 months ago and am 100% satisfied. It has held up against spills, kids, animal vomit, and animal diaherra from a sick dog. All have come out. Not only that but this is the softest carpet ever and feels awesome on your feet. I don't understand the comments the other people made that they were happy until the carpet was cleaned professionally. Clearly I would be looking at the cleaners for damaging the carpet, not all companies understand how to clean carpet nor do a good job. Smartstrand is superior to nylon in every way. I did my homework for awhile before putting this in my house & it was well worth it. I also recommended this carpet to 2 other friends who have pets & are very impressed and happy. those that are unhappy, read your warranties people. There is NO carpet that is completely undistructable.
April 6 2011
I purchased SmartStrand carpet less than a year ago. I spent over $2000 on 2 bedrooms, an upstairs hallway, a full flight of stairs and stairs at the entrance to my home. While the stains hide well and I can't say I've had trouble removing any, but this carpet (though it was recommended) is not good for high-traffic areas. The carpet is now "fuzzy" and looks like it has been installed for 10 years. Mohawk will not stand by the carpet either. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
March 24 2011
I had been satisfied with the Mohawk Smartstrand carpet performance until it became soiled and I had it organically professionally cleaned. There were areas that did not come clean. I tried a second professional cleaner with the same results. Mohawk should remove the rhino ad. It is definitely misleading and misrepresents the results one will have once the carpet is soiled. My claim to Mohawk was also not approved for reasons unknown. Evidently the ad agency staff and the Mohawk representatives have never interacted at the site of the rhino filming. If they had, I can assure you that they would have learned the carpet did not come clean.
March 17 2011
Threw away my money on smartstrand carpet by Mohawk
Replaced home carpet after 15 years only because it was dated. I was suckered into Mohawk's "eco-friendly" SMARTSTRAND 2 years ago. Carpet is in high traffic areas, LR,BR,stairs,hall. We have no children,no pet and always take off shoes. Within 9 months,SMARTSTRAND was looking soiled. Salesman offered cleaning after a year. They ran steamer over areas several times and said it was a shadow. Has now been tried 3 times w/NO results. Looks more soiled and filthy every day. Made claim, so Mohawk sent inspector who agreed it was soiled. He took white rag, repeatedly rubbed areas, until rag looked dirty, although carpet appearance never changed. Mohawk has denied claim because dirt was transferred to rag, so it must not be the carpet. What a joke and insult. SMARTSTRAND CARPET IS JUNK. Mohawk DOES NOT honor their warranty. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
January 10 2011
I am just about to "sign the dotted line" (purchase full house carpet). 1. I have a severely bad back & need carpet that is easy to push a vacuum over. 2. I need carpet to last many many years. 3. I have large dogs (concerned about their nails will get caught in strands. 4. I would like to use a very powerful vacuum on this carpet... Should I purchase SMART STRAND Carpet??? Thanks for your rapid reply Sharon
September 27 2010
We got sold on SmartStrand from the rhino commercial. I should have just gave my money to the ad agency. The carpet pulls everywhere, yes, we have a dog, but the old carpet didnt pull from the same dog.It stains terribly,and the seam is very noticeable. The people who installed it have been good, re-seaming and fixing pulls, but they also laid another 2000 square feet of different brand name flooring in the house, and we are very happy with it. Yhis was very expensive carpet, and certainly not worth it.
August 10 2010
Mohawk smart strand carpet is NOT pet friendly. After 1 day the carpet was starting to show pulls after vacuuming. They said it was due to a playful dog. The strands are loosened by their nails and the vacuum pulls them up. This is only seen in a pet household. DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A DOG! It is not pet friendly!
January 18 2010
Mohawk smart strand carpet is NOT pet friendly. After 1 day the carpet was starting to show pulls after vacuuming. They said it was due to a playful dog. The strands are loosened by their nails and they vacuum pulls them up. This is only seen in a pet household. DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A DOG! It is not pet friendly!
January 18 2010
No way!!
We purchased Mohawk carpet and after a year had our tan carpet turned red in areas near the seams. When we called our dealer it took a year for someone to come and look at it, then they replaced a section, but the other 80 yards have since changed to a tinted red in areas near the seams. Mohawk will not replace it because we discovered after the three year limit. We didn’t wait, it just took them that long to respond. Now they just ignore us! DO NOT BUY MOHWAK CARPET!!! Read the other reviews. Company is unresponsive and makes terrible products.
November 8 2009
Just installed Mohawks smartstrand carpet and I absolutely am thrilled. It is 1- a beautiful carpet 2- has a great warranty 3- i get compliments on imy smartstrand all the time and lastly it looks so good in my house especially with the extra foot traffic I occasionally get. I highly recommend any Mohawk carpet. Very much worth it!
May 11 2009
Scotchgard Carpet-Smartstrand Carpet
smart strand carpet does seem suitable for high traffic areas and definetly for spilled drinks because of its scotchgard protector. This is a major stain protecting carpet that is durable, pet friendly, and red wine friendly! Im not sure about prices but I do know that Mohawk is having a "Colors of Spring" sale that is going on until May 2, 2009. I think if you check out Mohawks site it will give you more information on smartstrand carpet. And if you're looking for it soon, might as well be while Mohawk's Colors of Spring sale is going on!
April 21 2009
Is smart strand suitable for a beach front rental condo with high traffic and spilled drinks? How does it compare in general with cost for nylon or polypropolene carpet?
April 17 2009
No need to Scotchgard your SmartStrand
to the new grandfather - no need to scotchgard your new Mohawk carpets. This type of Mohawk carpeting is already stain resistant and if something does spill on it it comes out very easily. I hope the installation went well. hope this helps
April 1 2009
mohawk smart strand carpet reviews
I have been looking at Mohawk smart strand carpet reviews on the web and am very impressed with this company. I am a new grandfather and have wanted to learn more about helping my kids fix up their home. Mohawks new smart strand carpet is the choice for them since they follow an Eco-friendly , "green" lifestyle. I am installing this carpet with my son-in-law and we are planning on using a carpet installation manual. Now, one question, should we scotchgard the carpets after installing them again or with the smart strand brand can we just leave it alone for a while?
March 26 2009
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