Mohawk GreenWorks Center - Recycling Old Carpet into New Green Carpet

Thursday March 26, 2009
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At Mohawk’s GreenWorks center they recycle old carpet, including all major types of synthetic carpets, such as nylon and polypropylene, back into new green carpet and other useful items. However, Mohawk’s GreenWorks center is far from being just a carpet recycling center. Between recycled carpet flooring, recycled carpet padding, and other recycled products, Mohawk diverts a phenomenal 3 billion pounds of waste from entering landfills annually, making them the largest recycler in the flooring industry.

Mohawk® Industries LogoNot only do they recycle carpet, but Mohawk’s GreenWorks center is also continually showing their eco–consciousness and setting higher standards by finding innovative ways to create green carpet products that are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to be environmentally safe. Mohawk’s GreenWorks center does this by incorporating post–consumer and pre-consumer recycled content and renewable materials into their green carpet fibers, green carpet backing, green carpet padding, and even green carpet adhesives. GreenWorks has actually found ways to create carpet with a closed–loop lifecycle. This means that at the end of the carpet’s useful life, it can be recycled back into new carpet. This green carpet recycling process can be repeated over and over again without diminishing the carpet’s quality or aesthetics.

Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) LogoIn addition, when you buy eco-friendly carpet manufactured by Mohawk’s GreenWorks center, you are promoting a healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home. This is because Mohawk’s GreenWorks works hard to produce carpet flooring, cushions, and adhesives with low levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions when compared to other carpet products, making these carpets allergy, pet, and kid friendly. Mohawk also uses powerful stain protection on their green carpet lines which is free from harsh chemicals, adding to Mohawk’s kid, pet, and allergy friendly flooring status.

EverStrand® and SmartStrand® are just a couple of the eco-friendly carpet brands by Mohawk® IndustriesThe result of Mohawk’s GreenWork’s efforts toward sustainability include their two residential green carpet fibers – Mohawk SmartStrand, made from sustainable corn sugar and EverStrand, made from recycled PET bottles. Mohawk GreenWorks also offers three commercial green carpet fibers – Colorstrand, Antron, and Ultron.

Another example of Mohawk’s commitment to living green is their online digital SMART simulation carpet samples. Instead of waiting for carpet samples to be shipped to your home, you can view high–definition digital carpet samples online. Mohawk GreenWorks has estimated that every simulated carpet sample saves an entire quart of oil that would’ve been spent delivering samples in person.

With so many green carpet choices and carpet designs to choose from, Mohawk GreenWorks has made it easy for you to find the right eco-friendly carpet for your home or business. Next time you need to recycle carpet or purchase and install new carpet, visit where you will find tons of info on innovative carpet recycling and manufacturing.

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Mohawk Green Works and Flooring
Always been a fan of Mohawk flooring. As we built our home we went through what seemed like thousands of flooring types, textures, flooring prices, and manufacturers we finally made a decision to go with a higher quality floor. Makes me tired just thinking about it. We went with Mohawk and used their carpet and hardwood. Sustainable flooring is a great option. Our home building project took place a couple years ago, looking into new flooring options for some spunk and style. Mohawk you've got my vote more now than ever with the new Green Works Program. Great Job.
June 10 2009
recycling carpet? Why hasn't this been thought of earlier. Good article. Good program
April 9 2009
Mohawk SmartStrand
A professional installed Mohawk SmartStrand carpet in my home and I absolutely love it! Not only does it offer protection from stains but it also comes in awesome colors and IF it does get stained then-who cares-it comes out so easily (trust me ive spilled on it already). I love my new Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.I did my research and firstly found the Mohawk group and then used an installation checklist. Afterward I found a local Mohawk SmartStrand carpet dealer and had all my questions answered. It was so easy! My carpet installer also gave me an idea of my new carpets lifetime. Its great. I'll have this carpet for many years!
April 1 2009
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