Pets and Laminate Flooring

Monday December 15, 2008
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Love the look of hardwood floors, but need something more durable to stand up to your pet's obsessive digging and occasional accidents? Laminate flooring to the rescue. Laminate floors are known to be very durable and scratch resistant. Many types of laminate flooring are moisture resistant, meaning pet accidents will not immediately sink in and damage your laminate flooring. Not all laminate is up to the full "pet challenge" though. There are several factors that determine the pet friendliness of a particular laminate floor.

Laminate flooring's durability is measured using the abrasion class (AC) rating scale. This scale is measured 1 thru 5, with the higher rating meaning more durability (and usually higher quality). Many flooring professionals recommend that you choose laminate that is rated AC3 to AC5 rather than AC1 or AC2. Lower rated laminate floors are more likely to scratch or absorb pet accidents while higher rated ones are more durable and scratch resistant. You may also choose high pressure laminate (HPL) floors over direct pressure laminate (DPL) floors. Due to its construction, HPL is more stable and therefore more scratch resistant than DPL.

Installation of laminate floor is also important when it comes to how pet friendly the floor will be. It is recommended that you install a moisture barrier between the laminate floor and the subfloor. This way, in the unfortunate event that your pet leaves a puddle on your laminate floor and it seeps in between the boards, the subfloor is protected. Rather than having to remove an entire section of flooring and replace it along with the subfloor beneath, you are able to simply remove and replace the damaged laminate planks.
With laminates refreshing and cool feel underfoot and its easy to clean surface, both you and your pets can enjoy the benefits of laminate flooring. For more tips on protecting your floors from your pet's adorable, but not so enjoyable habits, visit FindAnyFloor's Pet Friendly Flooring section.

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