The Real Truth Behind Private Label Carpets

Monday June 02, 2008
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Are you planning to comparison shop for carpet? Think twice. You may be familiar with store brands like those you’ll see at your local supermarket, offering discounts compared to name-brand goods. Private label carpets aren’t that straightforward. Larger carpet retailers often purchase carpet and add their own label to it.

Private label carpet is carpeting that has had a label added on it by a retailer after it is purchased from the manufacturer. Carpet retailers purchase the same carpets from the same manufacturers. This means that you could find the exact same carpet at three different retailers under three different names. Since these private labels have different names, style numbers, and even color names, it can be difficult to research and compare them to find the best price. Bringing a carpet buying guide with you while shopping can help you to sort through all of the different options in no time.

So what do you do? When you’re ready to start shopping for carpet, consult our Carpet section for the details on all the different types of carpet you might want. Once you’ve chosen your favorite style, pile fiber, and range of colors, note these choices down and let them guide you as you shop. This will help focus your shopping.

Be firm about what carpeting you want, and make sure before you go that the retailer has at least a few of the brands you’re looking for. If the salesperson offers to show you a comparable private label carpet, let them. You may find a better deal, as long as that carpet meets your needs.

It’s also a good idea to have an awareness of current carpet brands. Some older brands have sold the rights to their names as they leave the carpet business or switch to non-residential production. This means that you could be purchasing a carpet with a name brand that has nothing to do with where and how the carpet was produced.

In the end, what matters is buying the right carpet for your home. Whether it's a well-known name brand or a private label carpet, it should be carpeting that you like and will enjoy in your living space. Once you find the perfect carpet, the brand name will seem insignificant. Before shopping for carpet, use the carpet estimator tool on to figure out how much material you'll need for the installation area.

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Thanks for the article, i am planning to buy a good quality of carpets. .....................
January 19 2011
December 15 2010
• The above thought is smart and doesn’t require any further addition. It’s perfect thought from my side. ********** andrewleon111
November 23 2010
same codes, same product numbers everything - its an exact copy of another type of carpeting. Thanks for clearing this up!
April 14 2009
I get it now too. Thanks for the article. I was involved in a do it yourself carpeting project my neighbor got me sucked into and we went to buy a hypoallergenic, low VOC carpet and we both got so confused. We aren't idiots, but two carpets looked exactly the same but carried different brands. Very strange. But eventually we got the cheaper carpet so I guess it worked out.
April 8 2009
It all makes sense now...
I couldn't understand why I was finding carpet from two different manufacturers that looked EXACTLY the same and even had the same product number but had different prices. Now that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the article.
August 25 2008
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