Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

Monday April 04, 2011
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Many people buy a home with carpet only to discover that underneath the carpeting there’s a beautiful hardwood floor. Well perhaps it’s a wood floor that was once beautiful but now looks old and tired. Hardwood flooring is often covered with carpet if someone thinks it’s beyond repair when in fact it may just need some sanding and refinishing. It’s amazing how quickly scratched wood floors can come back to life. Refinishing starts with sanding the floor till the surface is cleaned of scratches and scuffs to reveal a brand new surface below. This means every time you refinish your hardwood floor it gets that much thinner, so there is a limit to the number of times you can revive it. Most wood floors can be sanded several times over the life of the floor. It’s important to clean and care for your wood floors on a regular basis. Think of your hardwood flooring like your teeth. If you clean them and care of them, they will last a very long time!

Sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring is not an easy job. It requires time, patience and skill. While it can be done by a DIY enthusiast as a major home improvement project, sanding and refinishing flooring is probably best left to the skilled professional.

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I was considering
I was considering changing the ground surface on my storm cellar. However, it is hard for me to choose in the event that I ought to run with tiles or wooden floors as storm cellar can be very moisture amid the winter time. Would wood be better or tiles would anyone be able to enable me to choose this?
April 5 2019
I did it myself and the effect is satisfactory. That's good enough for me
May 14 2012
Wood Floor Refinishing
Refinishing hardwood flooring is a skilled craft that usually takes a fair amount of time to master. A flooring technician usually starts simple and learns how to edge first and the continues on with learning how to operated larger equipment such as Bona Atomic DCS machines. These are dust free sanding machines that reduce dust and contaminants in the air and require less clean up because of the vacuum system design. This is considered a premium service by some in the industry and cost a little more, but is well worth it. Sanding and refinishing wood flooring is actually a simple process but definitely requires skill. Hiring a professional is the best route for anyone, but it is so much easier to hire someone to do it for you. Most of these companies can be in and out of your home in about a day or two and provide warranties which you do not get when you do the project yourself. There are plenty of local business to assist you and most of them provide free estimates.
October 31 2011
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