Rubber Flooring -- Safe for Active Kids

Wednesday October 15, 2008
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Kids involved with karate, gymnastics, dance - or those who just like to roll around - will enjoy the comfort and safety of rubber flooring. Commonly used in hospitals, schools, and recreational areas, rubber flooring is a safe and durable option that many people favor.

Imagine having comfortable floors that your kids enjoy somersaulting, jumping, and cartwheeling across. Rubber floors can be installed in areas where your children spend most of their time, such as bedrooms, play areas or family rooms. They're available in a wide assortment of colors, designs, and textures, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding something to suit your home.

Rubber Floors are Health Friendly

In addition to being slip-resistant, rubber floors are also naturally hypoallergenic. In other words, the surface resists allergens such as dust mites, pet dander and general debris (dirt). This doesn't mean you can throw your broom away; rubber floors require sweeping and mopping just like any hard floor surface. Rubber flooring also has antimicrobial properties which defend it against mold and fungi growth. High humidity, which can damage wood flooring over time, has no effect on rubber.

Most importantly, the majority of rubber floors do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms when released into the air. In some cases, exposure to VOCs over time can even create allergies in kids and adults who didn't previously have them. They can also increase the risk of cancer. To help ensure your child's well-being, choose a floor that doesn't contribute to toxic indoor air pollution.

Shock Absorbent Surface

Rubber floors are soft enough to cushion falls but hard enough for easy walking. The springy surface of rubber flooring is great for those with achy joints and for kids who are just learning how to walk. Many gymnastic centers use rubber floors because they can help children jump higher without risk of injury.

Rubber Flooring is Stain-Resistant

Rubber floors handle spills beautifully, resisting stains and other permanent damage. This is ideal for parents who have kids who are prone to dropping cups and bottles.

Note: Pools of liquid, when left for a long time, can loosen rubber floor adhesives. Make sure you mop up excess water when cleaning to avoid harming the floor's surface.


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Rubber Flooring
My kids have rubber flooring in their daycare and Im going to install it in my home too. At least over in their playrooms because its safe, and rubber is so easy to keep clean!
April 29 2009
Mother of Three
I have three boys. Yes three. They have become quite fond of wrestling, playing baseball (with their cleets on) in the house, football, and my youngest is in gymnastics. You can imagine the type of household I have. I am installing rubber immediately. I need something to hide the damage or prevent damage to my floors all together. I know wearing baseball cleets indoors even on rubber flooring will ruin it but that can be regulated! Thanks for the blog. The 5 minutes I get out of my day alone - I learned something. Thanks!
April 3 2009
My sons daycare has rubber flooring and I honestly never considered in my home. This article opened my eyes.
October 31 2008
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