Rubber Flooring Basics

Wednesday October 15, 2008
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When it comes to ensuring the safety of their patients, many hospitals choose rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is durable, slip-resistant and requires less maintenance than most floor types. Depending on your particular needs, rubber floors can increase the level of comfort in your home and make it a safer place to live.

The Beauty of Rubber Flooring

You shouldn't have to compromise beauty for safety. Rubber floors are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing people with disabilities to have functional flooring that adds style to their home. Some manufacturers will even let you customize your rubber flooring with a pattern that suits your taste. Rubber floor designs maintain their colors very well and won't stain or fade in sunlight.

When it comes to visual appearance, many homeowners feel that rubber flooring can't compete with hardwood, stone, and bamboo flooring. While these choices can certainly enhance the appearance of your home or office, their beauty comes with a higher price tag. In addition, they require more care and maintenance than rubber flooring. A simple change in climate can cause hardwood and bamboo to expand and contract; rubber flooring is not affected by most external factors. Rubber flooring is also resistant to chemical spills, dirt, fire, cigarette burns and heavy impact.

Rubber Floors Provide Comfort

One of the major advantages of rubber flooring is its shock absorbency. People who have joint trouble find walking and standing much more comfortable on a rubber floor surface. Amazingly, while this springy surface may help minimize joint pain, it still provides a satisfactory surface for wheelchairs. Most shock absorbent flooring, such as cork and carpet, require wheelchair users to exert more energy to get to and from their destination than they would on hardwood or tile. Rubber flooring is one of a kind in this regard, accommodating both needs with a more versatile surface.

Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial

Unlike floor types such as vinyl and carpet, rubber flooring does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) nor does it attract allergens such as dust and mites. VOC exposure can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms and increase the risk of cancer over time. Additionally, rubber flooring can still provide a safe surface for people with disabilities to walk across, even when wet.

Rubber also slows the growth of mold and bacteria. To ensure full protection from bacteria, many manufacturers use a special adhesive that contains an antimicrobial agent. You can also increase the level of hygiene in your home by installing a seamless rubber floor. Manufacturers who carry rubber floors generally offer seamless rubber installations. Seamless rubber floors don't require any adhesive (which potentially could contain harmful chemicals). They also last longer and are less susceptible to water damage.

The sterile properties of rubber flooring can help minimize indoor air pollution and keep your home cleaner, longer. This means you'll spend less time sweeping and mopping than you would with surfaces like tile and stone.

Rubber Floors Insulate

If you're prone to headaches and would like to reduce the noise in your home, you may want to consider rubber flooring for its sound insulation features. The sound-absorbent surface helps to muffle footsteps and other household noise.

Rubber Floor Maintenance

Even though it requires less maintenance than other floor types, rubber flooring still must be cared for properly in order to last. This means routine sweeping and mopping, as well as using a wax stripper to remove any wax that may build up on the surface. It is important to use cleaners that are rubber-friendly, as some harsh solvents may damage the surface of your floor. While rubber flooring is water resistant for the most part, excessive exposure to liquids can loosen the adhesive.



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It's difficult to find info on rubber flooring on the web. I also checked out your new section on rubber. Great info.
October 17 2008
Very informative! I will definately use this information when remodeling my home! Thanks
October 16 2008
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