Seal Seams in Vinyl Flooring

Tuesday February 17, 2009
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Loose vinyl floor tiles are not only annoying, they can really take away from the fresh, contemporary look your vinyl floors are trying to convey. Most importantly, a loose vinyl floor is more susceptible to damage from standing water and liquid spills. Once water gets underneath the vinyl floor they can harm other surrounding tiles, as well as cause damage to the subfloor.

Vinyl flooring seams can be tricky at installationA major concern with vinyl floor tiles lifting is asbestos. Prior to the 1980's, vinyl floors were made with asbestos, a mineral that is now linked to cancer and other health issues. If you fear that your vinyl floors could be made with that harmful mineral, contact a local floor professional and let them address the issue. In the meantime, keep the room well ventilated and keep the floor areas covered if you can.

If you're certain that your vinyl floors do not contain asbestos, visit your local hardware or floor retailer and pick up a vinyl seam sealer kit. These kits generally contain everything you'll need to seal seams in vinyl flooring, including adhesive that will help set the tiles back into place.

Before you can seal the vinyl floors seams, you'll need to first reattach the loose tiles to the subfloor with adhesive. In order to apply the adhesive, you'll need to heat up the old tile and adhesive with a blow dryer; this will allow you to gently pull up the vinyl floor tiles. Using a putty knife, apply new adhesive to the backside of the tile making sure that there is no intruding oil, dirt or grease on the tile. You may need to use the blow dryer again to press the vinyl floor tile down into place.

Make sure that you always seal vinyl floor seams as instructed by the manufacture so that you don't void your floor warranty. Also, don't forget to use vinyl floor accessories to help when transitioning from vinyl to other floor surface. 

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