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Tuesday June 30, 2009
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Got extra flooring? Selling flooring on Craigslist is free and easy! If you aren't familiar with, let me explain.

Craigslist is an online community that allows users to post classified ads which, in most cases, are free to post. There are a variety of different categories which one can post under, including everything from job ads to items for sale. In the "materials for sale" section, it is not uncommon for both flooring professionals and consumers to sell floor covering materials and services.

If you are a homeowner that has a large amount of flooring materials leftover from an installation, whether it is carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, stone, vinyl, or just about any other floor, you may be able to find someone that is willing to buy them in your home area. Additionally, if you are in the flooring industry, you can sell flooring related products and services to consumers in your local area. It is common to see classified ads posted on Craigslist by flooring professionals who offer both the cost of materials needed for your floor and the installation fee at one set price.

Post your Flooring on Craigslist

It's simple. First you logon to and click "post to classifieds". Next, you select the type of posting you would like to submit, in this case "for sale". The next step is to choose what category your flooring materials or services will be placed under. In most cases "materials for sale" is the best place to post flooring ads.

When it comes to actually entering your post information on Craigslist, it's simple. You need to select a title for your post. This is what those browsing the classified ads will see first. Think of this as your "teaser" and try to make it something that will catch your target audience's eye while giving them a brief description of what you are selling. Next, set your price. This could be a dollar amount per square foot or the price for the entire purchase. Here are a few examples of good titles for Craigslist classified ads:

Great Deal on Armstrong Red Oak Engineered Hardwood Floor – Brand New!

New Mohawk Laminate at Half the Price I Paid – Beautiful Hardwood Look – 10 Boxes

Dal Tile Ceramic Tile – Installation Included for an Unbeatable Price!

Next, simply enter how you want to be contacted and then enter your posting description. The posting description is where you want to be very thorough in describing what your posting offers. Provide detailed information as to what is included in the ad and what is not, as well as the condition of the flooring and whether it is new or used. Additionally, you can upload pictures, if available, which will make it easier for those searching the classifieds to determine if you are selling what they need.

Overall, is free and simple to use if you need to sell flooring online and many people have been getting an excellent response in doing so. Make sure you read the posting terms and conditions to ensure that your post will not get flagged and deleted. Multiple postings of the same listing are probably the most common cause for deletion. Why not try it out and see if you can sell your flooring on Craigslist today. You've got nothing to lose.

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Wanted - Alloc laminate flooring. Want to match our existing "Original Terra Cotta" 4911S, for a 10x10 room.
November 16 2016
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October 26 2016
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September 2 2016
thank you
September 2 2016
Great post
September 2 2016
Wanted Alloc Laminate
We need to do some floor repair and need to find flooring made by Alloc it's their Basic Traditional Oak Laminate (142543). Please contact me with a price if you have it! Thank you! Here is my posting on craigslist:
August 27 2015
sell flooring
We make flooring. Production is located in Ukraine. Export is possible! Prices and offers to coordinate! Thank you!
May 2 2013
A Better Site 2 Buy & Sell Floors
I found a site called Whats cool here is that you can see photo's of flooring materials streaming live as people are uploading them. It gives all the contact information of the dealer selling the material. I was surprised to see they even sell display racks and used flooring tools and as far as I can tell it's all free. It's like a better version of craigslist just for the flooring industry!
June 28 2010
Craigslist is a good idea but I found other much better
You will post ads to It is a really good idea for sure. Even better if you do the same (free also) to a site call It is the same idea but the is made for professional on the area. Try this one. Nothing to lose
August 30 2009 has a lot to offer
I found discontinued laminate flooring on craigslist when I thought I wouldn't be able to find it anywhere else. Live and learn I guess, Don't buy "on sale floors" "going out of business flooring" "discontinued" even if its cheaper. I was screwed out of floors when my dog decided to dig up the corner of my living room .... awesome. Found it on Craigslist has a lot of stuff people are selling so its always a good starting point for anything you are looking for. thanks for the heads up to the public.
August 25 2009
This does not work anymore
You will most likely get flagged if you are a business. The more you post the more you will get flagged. You can do this if you don't look commercial and posting links is not a good idea. Post to "skilled labor" if you install and sell material. You won't get flagged there but not as many hits as material.
July 9 2009
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