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Wednesday November 04, 2009
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In the 15 years of its existence, Crypton® Super Fabrics based in West Bloomfield, Mi. has made over 70 million yards of carpet that grace floors around the world, most notably the White House and Buckingham Palace. The company’s manufacturing facility is in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Currently it has been awarded 14 patents for innovative technology.

The reason behind the success of Signature Crypton carpet is very simple. The company is focused on manufacturing carpet fabrics that are stain, water, microbe and odor resistant and yet do not compromise on fashion and sustainability. It is precisely this reason that has taken Crypton® Super Fabrics to the forefront in carpeting healthcare, hospitality, educational and governmental institutions. Signature Crypton carpets have also been installed in several cruise liners.

The company also manufactures mattresses, car seats, wall fabrics, pet beds, crib mattresses, place mats and lift chairs. These consumer goods products have met with the same degree of success.

Crypton technology has revolutionized the way carpets are manufactured. The process allows for a pliable, integrated-barrier protection that blocks fibers from odors, stains, mold and mildew. Its BioCel™ backing system prevents liquid spills from penetrating the pile hence eliminating the risk of stains and making for easier cleaning. The carpet needs no special cleaners as stains are removed with water or at most, a weak bleach solution. The carpet is able to withstand hot water without any compromise in performance. All Signature products come with BioCel™ Laminate as a standard attachment. BioCel offers unparalleled control in noise reduction, anti–microbial protection, moisture barriers and rolling traffic performance. Another significant point is that all Signature Crypton Carpets contain up to 46% recycled content which includes a minimum recycled content of 70% in BioCel Laminate.

"In and Out" is a new all–weather innovation from Crypton. It is a new technology to create a fabric that is able to resist water as in rain or snow and resists sun and bleach. In and Out affords remarkable flexibility and is ideally suited to UV rays. In fact the company claims color fastness for a minimum of 10,000 hours.

Signature Crypton carpet come in four collections – Hopes and Dreams, Serendipity, Welcome Home and Memories – each with a number of patterns.

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