Carpeting Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Monday June 02, 2008
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Buying carpeting is definitely not like buying stretchable gloves that feature a "one size fits all" approach. The type of carpet you will need depends a lot on which rooms in your home it will be placed


The amount of traffic and the type of abuse it will receive are keys to buying the right carpet for your home. Here is a look at how to select the right carpet for the different areas of your home:

  • Durability is the key for high-traffic areasBerber carpet is a good bet for areas that are going to see a lot of foot traffic. Berber carpets don’t crush because of the high level loops in the construction. This makes Berber carpet a good fit for hallways, entryways, dens and other high-traffic areas.
  • Plush carpeting is a better fit for bedrooms and low-traffic areas – While Berber is durable, it is not as comfortable to the bare feet as plush carpeting. Plush carpeting is constructed of loops that have been cut and that stand up straight. They are much softer and more comfortable than Berber, but are also less durable. Plush carpets are a good choice for bedrooms, dining rooms, studies and other areas that will not see as much foot traffic.
  • Stairs and hallways are unique – Because stairs and hallways will receive the most foot traffic in your home, they need a carpet that has a low pile height and is very dense. Picking the wrong type of carpet for these areas of your home will result in having to buy new carpeting sooner than anticipated.
  • Go for carpet designs in rooms that may see spills – Most of the time, homeowners choose carpet with a solid color. If, however, you are going to be putting the carpet in a child’s bedroom that will tend to see its share of spills, you may want to choose a pattern or design. Carpet with patterns helps to hide stains and spills better than a solid color.
  • Match the carpet to your paint, not vice versa – Unless you know you are going to be repainting your house, choose carpeting that will accent the current colors of your walls. If you are going to repaint, then you can choose the carpet first and then paint second. A good bet is to go with a neutral color that will be a good match to any paint color, in case you do want to paint at a later date.
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How do you compare carpet from so many different places? Some for installing pad and carpet is 58.00 a square yard? Doesn't this seem excessive?
February 10 2017
Do not match carpet to wall colors!!!
I do not agree with matching the carpet to your paint at all. Why would I want to spend 10X the amount of money on my carpeting to match it to a painted wall that I could change for 35$ at Home Depot? I wouldn't recommend taking that advice. What if you installed a carpet because you liked your wall color then got hit into reality and noticed wow i messed that up... changing your wall color rather than your entire carpet AGAIN to fix your air head moment can end up being really expensive! I also dont believe that many people have just one color on their walls anymore...most of my friends have a green guest bedroom with a lavender little girls room and a bronzed/brown kitchen. Everything has its own theme. Wall colors are easily corrected...carpeting-not so much unless you want to waste money
April 14 2009
Good read
I agree. Good read.
October 8 2008
good "quick guide"
I liked this article. It's a good "quick guide" to selecting a carpet. Thanks!
August 26 2008
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