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Monday January 11, 2010
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The Stanton Carpet Corporation, founded by Sy Cohen in 1980, is headquartered in Syosset, New York. Its founder was determined to build a company that would deal exclusively in quality fashionable products for the decorative market. Stanton today is at the forefront of manufacturers and importers of top quality, decorative custom rugs and branded carpets.

Stanton has three divisions: Stanton Carpet, Antrim Carpets USA Ltd, and Royal Dutch Carpets. Each has separate identities with independent and separate branded product lines. Stanton products are sold through a network of 5000 retail partners across the United States.

Stanton products offer a wide selection of carpets in terms of weave, collections, patterns and colors.

Stanton Carpet produces predominantly wool carpets in cut pile broadloom and runner coordinates. The choice ranges from flat–weaves, wool blends, wool tufted textures to synthetic and natural fiber products. Stanton carpets are designed by some of the country’s leading designers.

Royal Dutch Carpets was acquired in 1995 and specializes in decorative patterns and tufted products of wools and synthetics in the broadloom category. This company’s products are cheaper than Stanton Carpet’s, giving it a larger customer base.

Antrim Carpets offers all natural, hand–loomed wool products in a wide choice of colors and designs. The company is a leading importer and wholesaler of custom rugs and hand-loomed carpets and caters to both the residential and commercial markets.

The Stanton Carpet Corporation has more than lived up to its founder’s commitment to become a leader in quality products for the decorative market.

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