Urine-Off Odor and Stain Remover for Carpets and Rugs

Thursday April 16, 2009
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Remove urine stains and odors with Urine Off® a product by Bio-Pro Research, LLCWhen it comes to removing pet urine stains and odors, Urine–Off Odor and Stain Remover is a big help. Urine–Off is available in two convenient applications. The Bullet Bottle Injector works great for injecting Urine–Off Odor and Stain Remover deep into the carpet or rug. This method helps to reach all the areas that urine may have seeped into. The spray bottle works great on carpets and rugs, as well as upholstery, spraying a fine mist to saturate the urine stain.

To find urine stains use a black lightUrine–Off also offers a handy Pet Urine Finder UV black light. When turned on in a dark room, the Pet Urine Finder will make stains glow. Before applying Urine–Off Odor and Stain Remover, you should always do a test spot in a hidden area to ensure that you won’t damage your carpet’s color. It is important to remember that pet urine stains can expand up to four times the area of the surface stain. Therefore, you should thoroughly saturate the urine stain and immediately surrounding areas to reach all of the stain. Once applied, Urine–Off needs some time to sit for best results before removing. For old urine stains that have dried, you should cover the treated area with plastic and let sit 12 hours. If you still smell urine after the first cleaning, repeat application until you are satisfied. Once the stain is gone, extract the residue or rinse well and blot dry.

You can save money on Urine–Off by visiting here and entering the code FAF2009 Overall, when applied properly, Urine–Off Odor and Stain Remover works great for cleaning pet urine off carpets and rugs.

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I used this. No go!! Usless. Although the light let me see where the solution didn't work afterwards.
May 16 2014
Urine Off Stain Remover
Urine off worked for me. BUT - The only problem I had was my carpet padding was damaged underneath. I was considering returning the product until I did some research. Found out my carpet padding was the problem, and got it replaced. No smell, no stains. Used Urine off one more time after padding was redone, and my carpet is just like new. Thanks for the help.
June 3 2009
Urine-Off Worked For Me!?
Urine-Off worked really well for me. For the posting that said it didn't work well... and it smelled even worse - real bummer! - You should have given it a chance. I had to use this product three times before i got the entire stink out. 3 times! It states above and I also talked to a customer service guy who I purchased it from - they all mention that you may need to repeat the steps. Again, I did mine 3 times and it finally came out! Im sure it was better than vinegar and water? or baking soda? Because I tried those too (each a couple times) and nothin. I recommend Urine-Off. It made my home smell normal again! thankfully! Just dont forget, you might have to do this a couple times... and I spread it everywhere... just in case the black light (which was awesome) missed a spot too.
May 27 2009
Urine Off did not work for me. It amplified the urine smell 10-fold! What began as a small urine spot on my carpet with little smell became a huge stink after using the product! I can smell it just walking by. I am really disappointed in this product. I regret using it.
May 8 2009
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it... have two dogs who have been disobeying me frequently lately... I need some help.
May 1 2009
Urine-Off Works!
Great product! Came highly recommended and I see why. Urine-Off took the smell out of my carpets and it was so easy to do. What a great product. Everyone with pets needs to have this because even though the carpet may be clean the smell of dog or cat urine is still there.. Ewwww! It worked for me!
April 29 2009
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