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Thursday March 05, 2009
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Designing your new room has never been easier. Ever wondered what hardwood flooring would look like in your living room? Or wanted to see what blue walls would look like with your new wool carpets? You no longer have to imagine. has launched a fully customizable, virtual room designer that allows you to modify the look of your living space right on your home computer.

Virtual Room Designer by® - Room selection pageThat's right: The virtual room designer has an extensive database of floor types, wall paint and even household furnishings that you can play around with for as long, and as often as you want. Floor types that are currently featured on the virtual room designer include varieties of hardwood, laminate and engineered wood, carpet, tile and ceramic, stone, linoleum and vinyl. And with each of these choices you can choose everything from color, style and type of material (e.g. wool carpet; Brazilian cherry hardwood).

The virtual room designer also allows you to customize walls and ceilings within your living space with a wide range of paint colors, faux finishes and tile mosaics. If you're thinking of remodeling the kitchen, you can use the virtual room designer to see what a tile mosaic backsplash would look like above your stove. With this amazing online tool you can even swap out your current kitchen countertop for something more up-to-date, such as stone, stainless steel or tile.

Customize a room of your choice with Virtual Room Designer by®'s virtual room designer uses state-of-the-art technology which enables you to recreate a realistic-looking and visually stunning environment. This system even allows you to add wood stains to any wood surface for a more classic and rich look. Have an angled ceiling? The virtual room designer is fully equipped to handle unusual angles, objects and lighting.

Cabinets can be a key feature to household areas like bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Use the virtual room designer to see what plantation hardwood cabinets would look like in place of your laminate surfaces. There are tools on the virtual room designer that let you experiment with bookcases, range hoods and other decorative enhancements.

The virtual room designer is not just a great way to test out household upgrades before buying and installing them - it's also a lot of fun! Give every room in your home a facelift without having to worry about not liking a particular paint color or floor choice. If you don't like what you see, start all over again! There are literally thousands of combinations you can create with the virtual room designer tool.

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July 10 2017
July 10 2017
designed a planner tool specifically for your kitchen; it allows you to preview appliances, cabinetry and other Ikea kitchen components all on your computer. This program also lets you itemize a shopping list of the Ikea components so you can see how much your new kitchen will cost. Read more: a href=""Write My Essay For Me/a
July 2 2016
What a great tool, thank you so much. I altered my cabinet colors, my wall colors and my flooring options were fun to switch around as well. I think this made me feel like I actually know what I want to do with my kitchen and living room! Thanks AGAIN!
May 11 2009
remodeled my house with the virtual room designer
I couldn't figure out how to use this virtual designer tool so I clicked above on the live chat feature and I just want to say thank you again. It was actually so easy I felt stupid for clicking the chat button. I love my new rooms and it was a very helpful tool. Thanks again!
April 9 2009
Virtual Room Designer Benefits When Remodeling Your Home
My daughter and I used the Virtual Room Designer feature after searching endlessly for new home remodeling ideas on the web. We changed the tile flooring to hardwood flooring and hardwood to marble stone flooring. Then there was more:laminate and engineered wood, carpet,ceramic, stone, linoleum and vinyl! It was cool to see the changes you can make in your home/virtual room so there is a better understanding of what a room could eventually look like with different types of flooring. The Virtual Room Designer gave me a chance to come up with more ideas on remodeling my home including wall colors, tile shapes and sizes, hardwood colors and styles and even rearranging my kitchens look.
March 23 2009
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