Wilsonart Laminate Flooring

Monday October 12, 2009
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Laminate flooring was introduced to the American market in the mid 1990s. It was the first all-new type of flooring for decades and became an instant hit soon after it debuted. Laminate flooring was the customer's answer to durable, low–maintenance flooring and one with looks as well. Wilsonart, known for half a century for high–pressure laminates made its appearance in the laminate floor industry in 1995 and its products met with instant success. The company is located in Glenview, Illinois. It currently employs 60,000 people in 825 business units spread over 52 countries.

Wilsonart claims to be one of the only brands in the US to make its laminate flooring with high-pressure technology. They claim this increases the strength and durability of their laminate products. But this is not the sole selling point; the company sells over 100 beautiful designs and their aesthetics add to the appeal of the Wilsonart laminate flooring range. Wilsonart laminate floors are available both as planks and tiles, hand–scraped and distressed, in a number of exquisite collections.

Because of its high pressure technology, Wilsonart claims the following advantages in its laminate flooring:

  • Superior wear resistance – fewer scuffs and scratches
  • Superior static load capacity – no dimpling
  • Superior impact resistance – no denting
  • Superior design clarity – higher sheen levels
  • High in–carton product integrity – less damage in handling, less damage during installation, no chipped corners

Wilsonart also has a line of top eco-friendly flooring adhesives. It claims their PVA–based laminate and woodworking adhesives are the first adhesives to be awarded the Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality certification.

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