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Bamboo Flooring Professional or DIY? How to Choose

Pro or DIY?

Who is going to install your new bamboo floor? Perhaps you're taking the professional road, or you've decided that doing it yourself is the way to go. No matter which choice you make, allow to assist you with the process.

Professional Installation

The right professional for your flooring project could be just a zip code entry away! Use our Find It Locally search directory to pull up listings of licensed flooring professionals near you. This search directory is accessible from every page on the website; typing in your zip code is all it takes to get started!

As you look through the directory, keep your eyes peeled for the Certified Seal. The seal means we've verified the flooring installer is properly licensed. While our directory entries are accurate when published, we strongly encourage you to check the background of any professional installer yourself. Make sure all of the installer's licenses are in place and up to date before you hire a pro to install your bamboo floor.

Another tool we offer is Ask the Installer, located in the Bamboo Buying Guide. Ask the Installer is a list of questions you may want to ask a prospective installer before you make your hiring decision. These questions will help you get a better understanding of what you can expect before, during and after the installation proces


If you've decided to do your flooring project on your own, "floating" bamboo flooring is something you may want to consider. This bamboo floor is engineered and can be installed without nails or glue, giving you the same beautiful results as a professional installation. Visit our Bamboo Installation Guide and let our flooring professionals walk you through the process; they just might keep you from some of the common pitfalls many do–it–yourself installers encounter.

Learn how bamboo goes from the forest to the floor in our History of Bamboo section.