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Is Carpet Right For Me?

Which carpet type is the best choice for your floor? Would you prefer carpeting that's lush and plush, a kid and pet friendly frieze, or something in between? Where will your carpeting be installed? The carpet you select for a utility room probably isn't the same carpet you'll want to feel underfoot when you get out of bed.

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Comparing Carpet to Other Floor Types

As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when you're making your carpeting decision. Let help with our comprehensive Carpet Buying Guide. Whether you need information about shopping for your carpet or assistance in locating and choosing a professional carpet installer, you'll find it here. If you've decided to tackle the project yourself, use our Carpet DIY Installation Guide for step–by–step instructions.

While you're reading through the abundance of information provides about carpet, be sure to check out our Flooring Tips and Fast Facts below. That's where you will find some of the factors floor buyers consider when they're planning for a new floor. You'll also receive a side–by–side comparison of how carpet matches up to other types of flooring. developed this flooring comparison chart to give you food for thought when making your flooring choice. We hope you'll find it helpful.

Flooring Comparison | Flooring Tips and Fast Facts
Flooring Concern Bamboo Carpet Concrete Cork Hardwood Laminate Linoleum Rubber Stone Tile Vinyl
Durability D*     D     D       D
Works for bathrooms D*     D*             D
Works for basements       D* D*   D*        
Safe for small children                      
Withstands heavy foot traffic   D             D D  
Moisture resistant     S           S S  
Eco–friendly varieties available               D   D  
DIY friendly D     D D   D D D D D

D = depends on the type of flooring you choose
S = if sealed properly
* = the best case scenario, with proper care and maintenance