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Carpet Professional or DIY? How to Choose

Pro or DIY?

You dream of new carpet, but have you thought about installation? Carpet installation can be a major undertaking. Are you planning to hire a professional installer or will you do it yourself? Regardless of which method you choose, has tips to guide you.

Professional Installation

You've decided to hire a professional to install your new carpeting, and you're in luck! Our Find It Locally search directory, located at the top of every page of our website, will help you locate licensed flooring professionals in your area. It's as easy as entering your zip code.

During your local search, look for the Certified Seal. This seal indicates which professional has all the licensing required to do flooring work. This information is current at the time of publication and will be updated regularly, though we still advise you to verify the professional's credentials and licensing before you hire them.

In addition, our Carpet Buying Guide includes Ask the Installer, a list of questions that can get you ready to interview a carpet installer for your project. Knowing what to ask in advance can help you avoid costly surprises down the road.

Carpet Installation Resources


Thinking about going the DIY route on your carpet installation? Our professionally prepared Carpet Installation Guide is where you can learn the ropes of carpet installation from flooring professionals. This guide could be just what you need to avoid some of the most common carpet installation mishaps.

Where did carpet get its start? Find out in the Carpet History section.