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Concrete Flooring | Professional or DIY? How to Choose strongly recommends concrete flooring be installed by an experienced concrete flooring professional. There is a significant amount of pre–work involved, and the process of actually installing the concrete flooring can be complex and extremely labor intensive. Concrete floors can crack and structural problems can develop if the flooring is not installed properly. While it is not impossible for a do–it–yourselfer to install a concrete floor, the risks of errors (and the expense of subsequently having to replace the floor) is great.

If you still want to take on this project, we suggest you at least meet with a concrete flooring professional to get a realistic idea of what the installation process entails.

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Tracking down a professional flooring installer doesn't have to be a hassle, just use our Find It Locally search directory. Simply type in your zip code and you'll have instant access to detailed listings of certified flooring professionals in your area. Find It Locally is always available on every page of our site, and will minimize the time it takes to line up a pro for your project.

You'll discover that some listings in our directory feature the Certified Seal. We only award this seal after we verify that a flooring professional is certified and licensed to do flooring work. Our listings are current at publication, but we still advise you to check the credentials of any flooring professional you wish to hire.

While you're checking credentials, keep in mind there are other factors to consider when selecting the best flooring professional for the job. For example, have they installed concrete flooring before? Do they have references and pictures of previous flooring jobs? Ask the Installer is a comprehensive list of these and other questions you'll want responses to before the flooring work begins. Ask the Installer is part of our Concrete Flooring Buying Guide, and will help you make a critical choice that can affect the outcome of your flooring project.


For best results, recommends that concrete flooring be installed by an experience professional concrete flooring installer. Refer to our Find It Locally search directory to find a concrete flooring professional in your area.

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