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Is Concrete Right For Me?

If you're curious about how concrete floors compare to other types of flooring, you'll want to consult our Flooring Tips and Fast Facts chart below. This chart includes a list of features floor buyers often look for when choosing flooring, and shows you how the various types of floors match up.

If you're after a floor covering that's tough and durable, you'll be hard pressed to find one that beats concrete. Concrete flooring is also water and stain resistant when sealed properly and practically effortless to maintain. Allergy and asthma sufferers will appreciate that concrete is hypo–allergenic and won't trap dirt or dust mites. The abundance of available design options ensures that a concrete floor will enhance the décor of any room of your home.

Before making that final decision to install a concrete floor, be sure to evaluate how the area will be used. While concrete flooring can be absolutely gorgeous, it is still concrete. Concrete is hard and unforgiving in the event that someone falls or drops fragile objects onto it. You should probably avoid using this flooring in areas frequented by children, such as nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms. If you've ever had to walk or stand on a concrete floor for a long period of time, you know it is not as gentle to the feet and back as other types of flooring. Unless installed over a radiant heating system, concrete flooring can be very cold to the touch.

A variety of factors can weigh on your decision to purchase concrete floors; let help you sort through them. Our Concrete Flooring Buying Guide is a resource you'll want to refer to often. This guide includes detailed information on every phase of the floor buying process, from selecting the right concrete floor to finding a flooring installer and making sure your new floor stays beautiful.

Are you thinking about installing your own concrete floor, or are you looking for a professional? Consult Pro or DIY? for information on both options.

Flooring Comparison | Flooring Tips and Fast Facts
Flooring Concern Bamboo Carpet Concrete Cork Hardwood Laminate Linoleum Rubber Stone Tile Vinyl
Durability D*     D     D       D
Works for bathrooms D*     D*             D
Works for basements       D* D*   D*        
Safe for small children                      
Withstands heavy foot traffic   D             D D  
Moisture resistant     S           S S  
Eco–friendly varieties available               D   D  
DIY friendly D     D D   D D D D D

D = depends on the type of flooring you choose
S = if sealed properly
* = the best case scenario, with proper care and maintenance