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Cork Flooring | Professional or DIY? How to Choose

Choosing the right installer goes a long way towards ensuring the success of your cork flooring project. Have you decided to hire a professional, or would you rather install the flooring yourself? Either option can result in a beautiful new floor under the proper conditions.

Cork floors come in planks, standard tiles and mosaic tiles. The process of installing cork planks or standard tiles is similar to that of installing hardwood flooring, and could be suitable for a DIY project. The planks come with "click and lock" edges and create a floor that floats over the subfloor, while the standard tiles are attached to the subfloor with adhesive.

Installing mosaic cork tiles is similar to installing ceramic tiles. Mosaic cork tiles are made from recycled wine corks that are cut into circular discs and attached to a paper backing. Do–it–yourselfers can probably do basic tile installation, while more intricate cork flooring designs and patterns may be better for a professional to handle. Our Find It Locally search directory can help you locate qualified flooring professionals in your area.

No matter which installation method you choose, choose when you need information on any facet of your flooring project.

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Professional Installation

If you've decided to hire a professional flooring installer, let help you find the best person for the job. Our Find It Locally search directory is available from every page of the site, 24 hours a day. Simply type in your zip code and you'll have instant access to listings of certified flooring professionals in your area. Don't spend hours hunting for a flooring professional; we've already done the work for you.

As you browse the directory listings, you'll come across the Certified Seal. Our seal is your assurance that a professional flooring installer is licensed and certified to install your new floor. The directory listings are current and accurate upon publication, but we still advise you to verify a flooring professional's credentials before you select them to do your flooring installation.

The fact that a flooring professional is certified and licensed doesn't guarantee they are the best person for your flooring project. You'll want to consider other important factors, such as their experience, expertise and work habits. For example, are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? How much dust will be created during the installation process? Who will move your furniture before the installation begins and put the furniture back after the project is finished?

Our Ask the Installer section contains these and other questions you'll want answers to before selecting a flooring installer. Most flooring problems can be traced back to problems during installation. Ask the Installer, located in our Cork Flooring Buying Guide, will help you gather the information you need to make one of your most important flooring decisions.


Imagine having a team of flooring pros on hand to help you install your cork floor. Sound impossible? Not if you consult our DIY Cork Flooring Installation Guide. This comprehensive guide puts years of professional flooring experience at your fingertips, so you can avoid the installation obstacles do–it–yourselfers typically run into. You'll be enjoying that new cork floor in no time.

Learn how cork goes from the forest to the floor in our History of Cork section.