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Buying Foam Flooring

There is a variety of colors and textures that EVA foam flooring is avalable

There are tons of options to choose from when buying foam flooring including different constructions, colors, sizes, thicknesses, and textures. Throughout this section, FindAnyFloor covers available EVA foam floor options and buying concerns. Using the information contained in this guide, you can make a smart choice when choosing the right foam flooring for your home or business.

Foam Flooring – Construction, Colors, Sizes, Thickness, & Textures

Many different sizes and shapes are avaialble for foam flooring as well
as prints including realistic wood patterns

EVA foam flooring is available in square interlocking foam tiles, foam mats, and rolled foam flooring. You can find foam flooring in a multitude of colors and can even find some with an image on the top layer, such as one that mimics hardwood flooring. EVA foam tile sizes range from under a square foot to over 11 square feet (40" x 40") large and from under an inch thick to almost two inches thick.

Some companies sell interlocking foam corner and smooth edged tiles, but when you buy tiles with fixed corner and side pieces you lose some flexibility in their use. To solve this problem, some companies offer a more flexible option where all sides of the tile are interlocking and the edges are finished off with border trim pieces.

Note: The locking patterns on interlocking foam floor tiles and exact tile sizes are usually unique to individual foam flooring manufacturers. Therefore, tiles and borders from different manufactures will not usually fit together.

EVA Foam or Rubber Flooring?

flooring tends to be denser and harder than EVA foam flooring

Rubber flooring tends to be denser than foam flooring and is not as cushioning underfoot. Rubber provides a much better surface for heavy home gym equipment. Some rubber floors, like recycled rubber, can have a strong smell whereas EVA foam flooring has virtually no odor. When it comes to providing the ultimate in cushioning protection, choose high density EVA foam floors.

Recommendation: Bright, vivid interlocking tiles used for kid play mats and puzzle mats are one of the most common uses of foam flooring. You can find these kid friendly floor coverings with the alphabet, numbers, shapes, puzzle maps, and other kid friendly designs. With EVA foam flooring you can make your flooring a learning experience for your child.

Concerns When Buying Foam Flooring

Buying Safety and Content Certified EVA Foam Flooring

American Society for Testing
and Materials (ASTM) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

When buying foam flooring, it is important to buy floors that have been safety and content certified. Common foam flooring certifications include American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and EN European standards. These floors should be lead and latex free and non–toxic. If a foam flooring manufacturer cannot provide data of their safety certifications, the company's products may pose issues.

Inferior EVA Foam Floor Bleeding

Quality EVA foam flooring will not bleed to the flooring underneath, but inferior foam floors products may. The darker and truer the colors are, the higher the quality the product usually is. When it comes to foam flooring, it pays off to buy a quality product from a reputable foam flooring retailer as this may save headaches in the future.

Watch Out for Low Price, Less Quality Foam Floors

not all foam floor is created equal you must insure that the product you are purchasing is of the highest quality

A drawback of buying discount foam flooring from close–out or discount stores is that once the discontinued product has sold out, you will have a hard time finding replacement tiles in the future, as no two brands will usually fit together.

Some foam flooring manufacturers will also try to lure customers in with lower prices while providing less quality EVA foam floors. These are often less dense and softer than high quality EVA foam flooring, therefore they provide less impact protection and may wear out sooner.

While most foam flooring is made of solid EVA, some foam floor manufacturers use multiple layers bound together. Less quality EVA foam flooring may contain less compact materials in the inner layers. Using these lower density materials can lead to injuries as the mat isn't able to support and cushion the body properly.

Recommendation: Do your work when you investigate the possibilities for foam flooring. Quality should rule over price, especially if you have children involved.

For more help with EVA foam flooring be sure to check out FindAnyFloor's section on Installing and Cleaning EVA Foam Flooring.