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Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit device becomes "easy knight"

"This is not a pocket https://www.bestluxurysale.com," Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and chief watchmaker of URWERK, stressed to me that when he first explained the UR-1001 was launched in 2011, it was launched. "This is the 'Zeit device'," he said. "Zeit Device" is a strange German structure for "time equipment".

Six thousand years ago, in the city of Ur in Sumer, the shadow cast by the obelisk revealed the passage of time, thanks to the process of the sun crossing the sky.

Two thousand years ago, ancient Greek astronomers used the Antikythera mechanism to calculate the position of the sun, moon and planet in the sky.

In the eighteenth century, John Harrison's H4 nautical observatory was able to sail safely and accurately through the sea.

In the 21st century, thousands of time devices have been discovered around the world, and Urwerk offers its own epoch-making time measuring instrument: the UR-1001 "Zeit Device".

Faster, faster and faster: deceleration time

If there is one thing that defines the twenty-first century, it is its incredible rhythm. Time fleet and flies; we have never been enough. Our timepieces reflect this by measuring shorter intervals. The first clock only shows hours, then the minutes are added, now a few seconds everywhere. Even mechanical chronographs can be measured at intervals as small as 1/1 second! ttps://www.bestluxurysale.com/gran...

Some clocks and watches require a longer view, especially the Long Now clock and Andreas Strehler's Sauterelleà Lune Perpétuelle. But few of them can sometimes make the right judgments about the universe measured over billions of years - as a true "Zeit device."

However, the UR-1001 is a true Zeit device that measures and quantifies the entire era, from individual seconds to astronomical for thousands of years. UR-1001 marks the passage of time in seconds, minutes, hours, days/nights, dates, months, years, 100 years, and even a huge 1000 years!

This black version is UR-1001 AlTin (aluminum titanium nitride), and its coatings include tough industrial surface treatments commonly used in mechanical cutters and drill bits to reduce wear.

Not only was Zeit Device developed by Urwerk, the brand also produced most of the components. Dials, springs, satellites, turntables and retrograde coil springs are all manufactured in-house, as well as most components required to assemble the complications and indications of the Zeit Device.www.fashionwatchtime.com

Urwerk co-founder and chief designer Martin Frei and a few of his friends brought a little fun: Jean Pierre DiLenardo, designer and photographer Nathan Beck of the jewelry brand CULT925.

The complications of the satellite in the hour were in the "flight" design without the top beam supporting the turntable. This provides maximum visibility into satellite hour and retrograde minute mechanisms.

The retrograde minute hand is secured to a spring loop that surrounds the circumference of the satellite complication along the guide rails of the hour satellite. A swan neck spring engages two coaxial star cams. When the minute hand reaches 60 minutes, the star cam trips to release the minute hand and it flies back to zero to meet the satellite for the next hour.

The day/night indications are black nights with super-lights, white matte daytime rotating discs, and dusk/dawn stripe combinations.

A power reserve indicator monitors the energy of the wind up to 39 hours left, and is equipped with a red warning zone to remind the owner that the equipment needs to be refueled.

The rotating satellite calendar is an internal calendar complication that was completely developed internally by URWERK. Visually, it belongs to the same series as the hourly satellite complex, with months and dates replacing hours and retrograde minutes. However, although the hours rotate in the same period of 60 minutes, the month will automatically adjust depending on whether there is 30 days or 31 days.www.fashionwatchtime.com

"At the end of the 30 days - April, June, September and November - the date automatically rose to the first day of the following month. At the end of just a few months, a finger on the cross of Malta intervened The date round advances to two months in the next month," Baum Gartner explained.

The "Oil Change" indicator is the shortest time interval measured on the back of the Zate device. It will remind users when to provide services in three years. When it does so, the dial changes from white (first year to third year) to red (third to fifth year). This display is reset to zero for each maintenance time.

The 100-year indicator advances in five years, and its role is like a car's odometer. If the car's odometer tracks the total distance traveled by the vehicle, the UR-1001's 100-year (and 1000-year) indicator records the total running time of the movement.

In the 1000 years of indicators once every 100 years it is unknowingly slow, but deliberately, the journey to the new millennium.

The UR-1001 AlTin is an impressive watch, and the speed at which eight watches are sold out is not surprising. We can only blame Urwerk for releasing another version in the near future.

UR-1001 AlTiN Zeit equipment

Housing: AlTiN treated steel, titanium metal, 106 mm x 62 mm x 23 mm, custom chain with mountain buckle

Function: dial side: rotating satellite hour complex, retrograde minute, second run; rotating satellite calendar with month and date, day/night indicator, power reserve indicator; back: "oil change" indicator (5 years), 100 Annual indicator, 1,000-year indicator



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