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HomeDepot hardwood flooring issue
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Posted: April 9, 2018 4:17 AM


I had hardwood flooring installed in my house by HomeDepot a few months ago. However there was a quality issue in the wood and problems started showing up a short while after installation. So HomeDepot told me that they will replace the wood under warranty with another wood of my choice. I only have to pay the difference

in the material costs if going with a higher priced wood.

The problem is that there is no other wood at HomeDepot that is to our complete liking in terms of type/color/style/etc.. We liked the first wood a lot but think we would be taking a big risk going back with the same because it may come from the same lot and have the same quality issues again.

We also had problems with the HomeDepot contractor in terms of bad installation, schedule delays, etc.. We asked HomeDepot if they can assign a different installer this second time due to these problems and they said no. So we asked HomeDepot if we can get money back instead of the replacement and they said no again. So my questions:

1. Is it really true that we cannot get money back under warranty and have to replace the wood using HomeDepot even if we can't find another wood to our liking? Will an attorney help to force the matter? Because they are not budging when we ask nicely.

2. If we cannot get money back, can we ask them to pay for our own installer with whichever wood we choose from them?3. Can we buy wood from another store and have HomeDepot pay for both the material/installation of that wood?4. Any other options?


Please help.

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