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How do I install laminate on stairs.
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Posted: October 10, 2008 4:59 PM


Can anyone tell me what the basic steps are to install laminate on stairs?



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Posted: October 10, 2008 6:22 PM

RE: How do I install laminate on stairs.

You can install laminate on stairs using an overlap stair nosing.

When installing laminate on stairs, you will start from the bottom up.  Even if you are using a floating installation, the laminate should be glued to the subfloor on the stairs for safety reasons.  For added safety, you may also choose to nails the laminate to the subfloor (as long as this doesn't void the warranty).  If you do choose to, I recommend using pneumatic finish nailer and then fill the holes i with a wood filler. Practice nailing on scrap first to make sure nailing does not do too much damamge to your laminate.

Please look at page 45-47on this laminate installation manual for exaclty how to install on steps. www.findanyfloor.com/pub/pdf/Insta...

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RE: How do I install laminate on stairs.
The most common method of installing laminate flooring stairs is to glue down 1 or more laminate floor boards on the tread of the step, then install a stair nose trim on the nosing of each step. and then glue 1 or more laminate flooring boards to the riser and cut and install a 1/4 round molding at the inside corner where the tread meets the riser.
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