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What You'll Need to Install Laminate Flooring:

Laminate Hardwood Flooring
Foam Underlayment (sold in rolls, usually 36 to 42 inches wide)
Six-Mill Plastic Sheeting ( Used for Concrete Slabs) (sold in rolls, usually 10 feet wide)
Duct Tape
Installation Kit : Pull Bar, Tapping Block, Spacers
Rubber Mallet
Handsaw or a Carbide-Tipped Blade (installed on a power saw)
Flush-Cut Saw for Undercutting Doorjambs
Waterproof Glue (for areas of moisture and humidity)
Knee Pads (for comfort)

Step 1 : Prepare the Floor

Now is the time to remove any type of previous flooring within your
installation room. Pull out your old carpet and padding. Remove all of
the tack strips around the room's perimeter.
You may need to scrape
the floor to get rid of excess padding that is stuck to the sub floor.
Vacuum the sub floor to make sure there is no residue padding or dust.
If there are any noticeable dips within the sub floor, level them out.
If your sub floor is a concrete slab, then thinset may be skimmed on
it. You can also repair plywood hardwood flooring, unless the
conditions are too severe. Remove the baseboards from the sub floor.
You may be able to save these if you are careful. Now use the coping
saw to cut off the bottom parts of the door jambs, case openings, etc.
This will probably be 1/4” to 3/8” depending on the combined thickness
of the laminate floor and the underlayment pad. It's recommended to buy
the thicker pad, since it's well worth the expense. In order to know
the amount of laminate flooring and underlayment pad you will need to
buy, you must first figure out the square footage of the installation
room. In order to find this number, you must simply multiply the length
and width of the room. Those figures multiplied together are your
square footage. Add 5% to that figure for scraps (maybe even more)..........

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