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Stay Away from BuildDirect Flooring
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Las Vegas, NV
Posted: January 2, 2012 10:49 PM

I want to warn others regarding my experience with BuildDirect engineered hardwood flooring.  I spent over 10K to purchase over 2000 sq feet of BuildDirect Vanier Cosmopolitan engineered hardwood flooring.  It was delivered to my home and acclimated in the home for 12 days.  It was installed by a professional installer.  After about a week, it began to crack and delminate.  I notified Build Direct, installation was stopped, and BuildDirect made me wait over 6 weeks until an inspector arrived.  During this wait dozens of delaminations occurred.  The inspector made no conclusions in his report.  BuildDirect however made their own conclusions that extreme environmental conditions in the house (humidity measured at 31% by their own inspector) and the wood was dry (surface moisture measured at 11%)  This explanation is ridiculous since 11% moisture is very moist, and 31% humidity in the house is common in Nevada, and BuildDirect claims that their product meets North American Standards which stipulate that engineered hardwood should not delaminate anywhere including very dry climates like Nevada. 

I hired another independent certified (BuildDirects inspector was not certified despite BuildDirect informing me that he was; I checked directly with the agency), who conducted a thorough 3 1/2 hour inspection and concluded that the delamination and cracking was a manufacturing responsibility. 

Thus in conclusion, BuildDirect sold me defective flooring which has delaminated due to manufacturing problems confirmed by an independent certified wood flooring inspector.  They refuse to honor their structural warranty, only offering to sell me different flooring at a discount.  Do not buy from them, do not make the same mistake that I did. 
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Youngstown, OH
Posted: May 27, 2013 2:37 AM

RE: Stay Away from BuildDirect Flooring
Havent heard about Build direct flooring before.That sounds really bad that it didnt even worked for a month.

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burleson, TX
Posted: June 13, 2013 10:54 PM

RE: Stay Away from BuildDirect Flooring
Sorry to hear you ran into that issue. I have no experience with Build Direct but I have heard grumblings being in the industry myself. If you need quality brand name flooring products at discount prices, visit our website for The Floor Barn, http://www.floorbarn.com.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
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Posted: July 29, 2013 11:47 AM

RE: Stay Away from BuildDirect Flooring
It is so sad that you have faced such kind of drastic loss.
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