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Area rugs and stained concrete floors
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Round Rock, TX
Posted: July 12, 2009 11:51 PM

Hi all,

So glad to find a forum on floors.  My husband and I recently stained our concrete floors.  Kemiko product, Stone Tone is the line, color - Cola with a Black border.  Sealed with 2 coats of Kemiko's solvent-based wax, burnished by my fabulous husband with floor buffer.

We have several large area rugs (approx 6 x 9). 

2 are 100% wool 1 with firm backing, the other not;

one rug is unknown fiber, but is soft and no hard backing; 

the other two rugs are cheapy olefin blends with stiff backing.

We were told by Kemiko distributor: "No rubber on the floor, it will leave a permanent mark."

Here is the question, we have found ONE product on the internet designed to back these rugs and not mark the floors.  It's made of rubber and it will cost about $90/rug to use.  Has anyone used this product (by Addarug) with success.  I know they offer a warranty to not mark, but I don't think my husband will risk it.

Any help is appreciated.  If anyone is in the Austin area, we highly recommend Cornerstone Floors.  Mark is fabulous, extremely knowledgeable and wants to help his customers succeed.
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Posted: July 27, 2009 1:52 PM

RE: Area rugs and stained concrete floors
This is a good question.  I have always been told to avoid anything with rubber.  Can you provide a product name so I could look into it more?  You may try calling Chief Concrete at (702) 435-4038. They will probably be able to make a recommendation for you.
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