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Hammer type construction waste crusher hammer head reversing use
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For the hammer-type construction waste crusher, when it is working, the repair, maintenance and necessary replacement of the parts are necessary conditions for ensuring the smooth production of the equipment. The hammer and the purlin inside the equipment are the core parts. Two kinds of them, when they are working, they will also be damaged, which will result in the equipment not being able to complete the processing of the material smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to reversing the hammer and transforming the purlin. Here is to introduce these two aspects. Case.
1. The problem of hammer head reversal
The hammer head is a very important part inside the hammer-type construction waste crusher. It is the core equipment of the broken material. The damage will cause the crushing work to be impossible. Generally speaking, the part should be reversed when using the wear-to-arc mark. It is used, but the actual situation is that the hammer head is used for about 20 days, and it has been worn to the circular arc of the reversing. The hammer head is difficult to be removed on the hammer shaft with a diameter of 90 mm. The reason is: hammer head When crushing large materials, the impact force is great, the force of the hammer is transmitted to the hammer shaft, the hammer shaft is bent and broken, and the hammer of the construction waste crusher rotates around the hammer shaft, so that the hammer The shaft wears and the uneven groove appears. The gap between the hammer shaft and the hammer plate is small. The round boss of the hammer shaft is larger than the shaft hole of the hammer plate. Based on the above two reasons, the 20-ton jack is also used. It is difficult to eject, only the protective sleeve and the hammer shaft between the hammerheads are cut off by the oxygen cutting section and the destructive removal is taken. It takes 4-5 days for each replacement, so the cost of the hammerhead reversing, Far less than the cost of damaging the hammer shaft and the hammer sleeve So, we gave up the method of reversing the hammerhead, and welding a part of the wear-resistant material on the striking surface of the original hammerhead to relatively extend the service life of the hammerhead. This way also ensures the normal operation of the construction waste crusher. ;
2, the transformation of the purlin
The purlins of the equipment are fixed by two 90° fixed ribs, and the purlins are inserted in the holes of the opened ribs, and there are four fixed ribs in the process of construction waste crusher. The fixed ribs are located on the parts that are easily worn by the stones, and the wear speed is relatively fast. During the use, we have repeatedly repaired with the wear-resistant electrodes, but it cannot solve the problem fundamentally. After the ribs on the inside are worn away, the rafters are easily ejected and broken, and the rafters are subjected to a long time, which causes the holes in the ribs to be deformed, which is troublesome to repair and affects the normal operation time. In order to restore the working performance of the construction waste crusher and save the replacement time of the parts, the original method of installing the purlins was abandoned, and the method of installing the seesaws was replaced, and the position of the original ribs and the purlins was removed;
The article mainly introduces the hammer-type construction waste crusher hammer reversing use and the transformation of the purlin. These two aspects have a great impact on the working process of the equipment, so it is necessary to ensure its smooth operation. The article analyzes in detail How to ensure the operation of these two components under the premise of saving time, so as to ensure the smooth working process of the equipment.
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