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How to improve the efficiency of the sand production line and re
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Posted: April 23, 2019 10:31 PM

For the sand production line, how to improve its work efficiency and reduce its investment cost, I think it will be more concerned by the majority of users. In fact, this is a coup, which is effectively used according to the functional characteristics of the Sand Making Machine. The effective use of the functional characteristics of the sand production line is very helpful in improving the yield and reducing the production cost.
First of all, let's take a look at the functional characteristics and working process of the sand making line. After washing with a sand washing machine, the finished sand is made. The sand of the sand machine feeds the sand sand, and the raw material produced is transported by the belt conveyor to the machine for further crushing. The stone material is crushed by the coarse crusher, and the other department returns to the fine broken. The stone of the sand machine is made into sand, and the stone after the crushing is sieved into two kinds of stones, and the other part is sand. The machine broke again. The characteristics of the sand production line are low cost and can be used in one machine. SBM sand production line manufacturers tell you that the sand making production line can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost. It can use the eccentric bushing to drive the horizontal shaft and the pulley through the bevel gear. If a metal block or other hard object enters the sandstone equipment chamber together with the ore, the fixed cone is lifted and the discharge opening is enlarged to discharge it. This will prevent accidents from affecting efficiency. The components of the equipment in the sand production line are made of cast steel. The working faces of the moving cone and the fixed cone are inlaid with manganese steel lining to maintain the cone from wear, which can effectively reduce the investment cost of the sand production line equipment. If you want to make the ore size and the ore size different, you can use the standard, medium and short heads. The main difference is that the cross-section shape of the sand making equipment cavity is different.
The sand making equipment in the Sand Making Machine can be divided into three types: centrifugal unloading, gravity unloading and mixed unloading. Gravity unloading has a slower bucket speed. Such as limestone, clinker, etc., the knot of the chain is relatively simple to manufacture, it is used to transport powdery, granular, small pieces and other small abrasive materials, centrifugal discharge speed is faster. The connection to the hopper is also very strong. It is used to transport large blocks of abrasive materials with large specific gravity. The wear of the chain is small, depending on the speed of the hopper. When conveying materials with high abrasiveness. However, its self-weight is large, and the traction members of the gravel are provided with a chain, a chain and a tape.
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