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Why Is Environmental Protection So Important
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Industries have been polluting, spewing smoke and particles into the air we breathe without regulation. Pharmaceutical companies have created thousands of medicines without regards as to how the active ingredients impact our ecosystems. Contaminants in water and air from emissions and runoff have left areas of our world uninhabitable without wearing masks or protection. Waters in certain areas are undrinkable, cause diseases, famine, and deaths due to contaminants. The evidence is there that we need to protect our environment. Statistics and studies are popping up daily confirming the unhealthy living conditions. Health, safety, and a beautiful Earth must be the highest priority.

As the population increases, more water, food, and energy are needed for survival Cheapest Cigarettes In The World. ..., with 55 people inhabiting a square kilometer of space and with greater need, these precious ecosystems are destroyed or depleted creating starvation, epidemics, and wars. Clearing jungles for pastures can only support a few species. Continually using the same soil over and over depletes the natural richness and makes our food nutritionally dead. Sustainability is the key to producing food for us all. The Revolution the way to understanding the consequence and for Third World countries to adapt using improved methods of farming. However, politics and lack of education lead to resisting change. Problems are created when more fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are used in modern agriculture that has been introduced to these countries.

There is a continuous need to regulate limits of pollution in our atmosphere, soil, and groundwater. Studies show that some birth defects are linked to contaminants and the facts are emerging that our food supply is suffering from additives, genetically modified organisms, along with more resistant chemicals used that affect wildlife and our own health Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes. Envi....
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