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Recessed lighting provided by Progress Lighting

General contractor?Andrew Roby, Inc. took home eight Excellence in?Remodeling
awards from the Home Builders Association of Charlotte.

One of Roby's award-winning projects is renovation of Vicki?Payne's home.
Payne is the host of For Your Home, the longest running home and garden show on
TV. Last year, she downsized and moved to a 29-year-old brick ranch closer to
the city, and then documented the full renovation in an eight-part series on her

Wall sconces from Progress Lighting's Lady Luck collection

Wall sconces from Progress Lighting's Lady Luck collection

Progress donated recessed lighting, modular fluorescent and decorative wall
sconces for two bath and vanity areas.

"Progress Lighting played a major role in assisting Andrew win two Excellence
in Remodeling awards by participating in last season's FYH Project House," said
Payne. "I love the house and so did the Home Builders

table lamps One of he main facors o conemplae while planning for an oudoor
kichen is he funcionaliy of he space. Always recall ha form comes in only afer
he pracical value of a kichen, be i indoors or ouside. If you can aain ha ideal
balance beween boh, hen grea. Bu firs hink abou where you will se up he oudoor
kichen, how i works along wih your pool area or errace seaing & wha i will
be used for. Make a noe of wha appliances you will need depending on wha syle of
cooking you love or he kind of dishes you inend o serve up.
kids table lamps LAST
WEEK: Tour the McKain home in Sellersburg HOMEOWNER: Kim Buckley. Kim is a
hairstylist. She shares her home with boyfriend Evan Hicks and dogs Ginger,
Rosey and Perry. HOME: A 3-bedroom, 2 bath home near Westport Road in eastern
Jefferson County. DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS: Antiques, inlaid hardwood floors,
paintings from Gatlinburg artist Doreen Prakshot of In The Wild Gallery,
kaleidoscope collection made by Cathy Painter of Kaleidoscopes-N-More, faux
walls, chandelier made out of bottles in the dining room, spacious living room,
and whimsical art and collectibles. APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! Kim was pleased with
faux painting done by Lorri Campbell, found in the foyer and the living room.
ban-sang tableware lamp made with chopsticks, bowls + spoon ban-sang tableware
lamp made with chopsticks, bowls + spoon sep 28, 2013 ban-sang tableware lamp
made with chopsticks, bowls + spoon ‘bang-sang’ tableware lamp made with
chopsticks, bowls and a spoon by dongho so image ? designboom presented at
maison et objet 2013 in paris, the table lamp entitled ‘ban-sang’ by designer
dongho so is influenced by traditional korean ‘ban sang gi’ kitchenware.
carefully varnished using the same ott-chil lacquer in typical asian
restaurants, the wooden concept re-interprets traditional bowls for rice and
soup, a spoon and chopsticks into components for a functional lighting object.
appearing as if they were floating in mid-air, the bowls serve as the lamp shade
and base, supported by a spoon and set of chopsticks which act as the main
structure. traditional bowls for rice and soup, a spoon and chopsticks are used
for components image ? designboom the ‘ban-sang’ lamp components
flush mount album
The show picks up where Equal in Goodness left off, in the middle of the 19th
century, when individuality and quality workmanship were expressed through
objects such as an ink and watercolor family register from Allen County, a
fraktur depicting birds, roses, and tulips, and with dates ranging from 1848 to
1889; a large double-handled salt-glazed water cooler with a cobalt decoration
of a bird on a branch, lettered “Harley & Carll/ Ohio Stoneware/Akron O” and
dated 1876; and an 1885 paint-decorated blanket chest by Jacob Werrey of Fulton
County. Through the next doorway, one steps into the Gilded Age, represented by
a pair of ceramic potpourri jars made by the Homer Laughlin China Company of
East Liverpool, urn-shaped vessels having white-on-blue ovals depicting
Classical figures, reminiscent of Wedgwood’s cameo wares. In contrast, a
cast-iron parlor stove made by Perry Stove Company of Salem exemplifies how even
the most utilitarian of items were sometimes crafted with a flair, as the stove
takes the form of a Second Empire-style house. The next doorway moves visitors
to the late 19th century, with the large, clunky furniture of the Victorian era
offset by the bright, strong graphics of the period, the latter represented by a
number of items related to Ohio’s centennial celebration in 1888, including
colorful broadsides printed by the Krebs Lithographing Company of Cincinnati, as
well as trade cards given away by merchants in hopes of promoting business.
These include one for the Cleveland Dryer Company of Cleveland, which
illustrated the transition from log cabins to modern farms, all the while
promoting bone phosphate fertilizer. Another doorway, another era, as the Arts
and Crafts movement is explored, with Cincinnati art-carved furniture
highlighted by a fireplace mantel carved by Henry Fry and a writing desk carved
by his son, William Fry. The sunflower motif of the mantel is seen again on a
glazed architectural tile by Mary Louise McLaughlin of Cincinnati, one of a
variety of pieces of art pottery from makers that include Ohio’s big three:
Rookwood, Roseville, and Weller. Arts and Crafts furniture includes a pair of
tall-back side chairs by the Shop of the Crafters of Cincinnati, while metalwork
is represented by a brass, copper, and enamel sconce by Horace E. Potter of
Cleveland and a silver and ivory letter opener by Potter Studio, also of
Cleveland. The final room takes visitors toward the modern era, highlighted by a
variety of Art Deco pieces, including a Jazz bowl designed by Viktor
Schreckengost and made by Cowan Pottery of Rocky River; a circa 1933 quilt in
blue, gray, and white, showing skyscrapers, dirigibles, and airplanes, crafted
in Akron; and even the most mundane of household artifacts, a Hoover vacuum
sweeper and a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.April 10, 2015 11:17 AM PDT Color-changing
LED light bulbs with built-in smarts can be a lot of fun, but they're largely a
novelty -- and too much of a splurge for many consumers. The Lifx White 800 LED
looks to address both of those points by cutting out the RGB diodes, focusing on
practical, tunable shades of white light, and dropping the price per bulb to $40
-- down from $99 for the original Lifx LED (the White 800 LED is available in a
variety of global voltages and fittings, including a B22 bayonet cap for Europe
and Australia. That price comes out to about ?25, or AU$50, converted roughly).
It's a similar approach to what Philips did with its Hue Lux LEDs, a
white-light-only follow-up to the multicolored Hue bulbs. Philips recently cut
its Hue Lux pricing down to $80 for a two-bulb starter kit that comes with the
mandatory Hue Bridge and $20 for each additional bulb. At those prices, the Lifx
White 800 LED is the better value for a single bulb, but if you want two or more
(or if you've already got a Hue Bridge plugged into your router), then Hue Lux
might make more sense. Keep in mind, though, that those Hue Lux LEDDs aren't
color tunable -- you're locked into a single, warm white color temperature of
2,700K.zzzzzzWith Lifx White 800, you can dial into whatever white light shade
you like, from low, yellowy tones (2,700K) up to light that's hotter and more
bluish (6,500K). We saw the same color tunability trick when we tested out the
Osram Lightify Starter Kit, which includes two bulbs and a mandatory plug-in
gateway for $60. It's a subtle feature for sure, but one that we enjoyed,
especially once we started automating the lights to shift tones as the day
progresses. Higher tones can help you wake up in the morning and keep you
feeling active during the day, for instance, while warmer tones can help you
unwind and relax before bed. If you're especially design-minded, you'll also
enjoy dialing into the exact shade that best compliments your home decor. Lifx
sets its bulbs apart from the majority of the competition -- Philips and Osram
included -- by packing Wi-Fi radios directly into each bulb. That eliminates the
need for any sort of hub or gateway device. Just screw the bulb in, turn it on,
and follow the pairing instructions in the Lifx
app.wholesale table lamps 
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