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How tall is the backplate for these?Designers Fountain Belgravia Traditional
Vanity / Bathroom Light DF-98803-VBG and?Designers Fountain Belgravia
Traditional Wall Sconce DF-98802-VBG Thank you.

Answer: We?have advised by Designers Fountain (the manufacturer), that the
backplate dimensions for the bathroom light is 7.125″ width x 4.875″ height.
Also, the measurements for the?matching wall sconce?is 7.75″ width x4.75″

table lamps Banquee room is a considerable soluion for a narrower space,
as chairs don’ need o push ou agains a wall, also a bench can usually fi an exra
diner a he able. Wall room above your dining place can moionless be
uilized as kichen sorage, jus be sure o use i for seasonal iems, or hings ha
don’ need o be accessed daily. So ha you are no coninuously sreching over your
furniure. table lamps Miss Lewinsky
claimed to have had sexual relations with Mr Clinton on nine occasions from
November 1995 to March 1997. However, news of the scandal did not come as a
shock to White House staff. Employees had regularly seen the then-president
spending one-on-one time with the Lewis & Clark College graduate - and had
even started telling each other when they had had a 'Lewinsky sighting'. Since
the scandal, Mrs Clinton, who has a daughter, Chelsea, with her husband, has
been at the center of another controversy over her exclusive use of a personal
email address while in office. A U.S. House committee is currently seeking a
private interview with Mrs Clinton over her use of the private address, as well
as a personal computer server, during her time at the State Department. Brower's
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details of the Kennedys' personal lives.
The head of he bed ends o be a bedroom's imprescripible feaure wall plus so
using color o make he accen wall clear is a fun idea. Also fun? Three whie
exorbian brains (is ha wha hey are?) as wall ar. Yes & please!{found on
cyndiparkerineriors}.Oh wih world maps also how I love hee. Paricularly he full
wall versions. I'm having a hard ime reverie up a siuaion where a mammoh sized
world map as accen wall would NOT be perfec. Truhfully? I'm
coming up blank.As an accen o a area also an accen wall provides an insananeous
draw. Choosing a wall ha's furhes from he area's enrance o be he accen wall can
be an unspoken inviaion o “come in and make yourself comforable”.{found on
chrissnookphoography}. kids
room table lamps 3D-Printed Flower Lamp ‘Blooms’ To Release More Light
3D-Printed Flower Lamp ‘Blooms’ To Release More Light Arts &
Culture A creative lighting feature mimics nature. French designer Patrick Jouin
has created a minimalistic and creative lighting feature. The Bloom Table Lamp
was developed using a 3D printer and was designed for MGX. The lamp, printed as
a single piece- including the hinges, looks a floral ornament once assembled.
The ‘petals’ are collapsible and users can expand the design from ‘bud’ to full
‘bloom’ to control the lighting. In ‘bud’ form, the lamp emits a soft light, and
when open, a fuller light. Jouin’s unique lamp was a Red Dot Design Award Winner
is 2011, and the model is currently on display at the Museum of Arts and Design
in New York. Click through more images of The Bloom Table Lamp to see how the
design pushes the boundaries of 3D technology and art design:

Sub-Zero is arguably the best name brand in the appliance industry. It is one
of two companies to win a JD Powers quality award (Miele is the other, for
dishwshers).?Sub-Zero was popularized by designers because they were the first
company to offer a counter depth or shallow refrigerator. They also are very
decorator-friendly with many custom options.

Sub-Zero's actual?mission, however,?is better food preservation and
they still have many unique features such as

Vacuum seal: Locks the outside?air out of the refrigerator.
Twin Compressor: Insures more consistent temperature and
eliminates temperature cross over from freezer to refrigerator.
Magnetic Crispers: Keeps air out of the crisper bins by
magnetic seal.
Air Scrubber: Scrubs the air and gasses?off the food inside
the refrigerator. Thus they stay fresher for a longer period of time.

Then again, you should expect these type of features from an $8,000

Below are their most popular refrigerators:

BI-36:?In 1999,?the BI36?was the number 7 most popular refrigerator sold in the
United States, and still is by far the most popular professional, counter depth
refrigerator. The BI-36 fits within a standard 36 inch cabinet and is a bottom

BI-42:?Counter depth refrigerators offer less cubic footage, because of the
reduced depth. There is also not enough lateral storage in a 36 inch side by
side. The BI-42 is 42", which seems to be a standard for side by side counter
depth refrigerators.


424:?Sub-Zero manufactures the best wine refrigerator in the industry. It is
designed to address the intricacies of storing wine, namely light, heat,
vibration and humidity with features like a Low-E glass door, two precise
digitally controlled temperature zones, low-impact lighting, glide-out racks and
a specially designed compressor to not vibrate the unit when

Sub-Zero is the best premium counter depth refrigerator in the
professional category

If you would like more information about refrigeration in general, download a
Refrigerator Buyers Guide.

table lamps 
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