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Eco-Friendly Flooring
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Wilmington, NC
Posted: January 29, 2009 7:41 PM

Old Growth Riverwood processes river recovered logs into beautiful eco-friendly flooring along with other eco-friendly wood products. Our lumber is reclaimed only! No trees are cut for our wood. With 12 years experience in this field dont hesitate to contact me with any of your green wood questions!

Old Growth Riverwood: Eco-Friendly wood & lumber products: Flooring, Furniture, Wood Countertops, Custom Trim, Paneling & more. Let Old Growth Riverwood bring history into your home or business with our eco-friendly wood products. No trees are ever cut for our lumber...we recover logs from the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, North Carolina and we use reclaimed wood from old structures being torn down from the local area.
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Posted: February 15, 2009 5:50 PM

RE: Eco-Friendly Flooring
very cool product.
~ amanda
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Owen Feltham
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Santa Ana, CA
Posted: January 5, 2010 12:26 AM

RE: Eco-Friendly Flooring

Your wood product is really too good, i also see all of this photoes.

thanks for giving this information.
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Tampa, FL
Posted: February 23, 2010 6:01 AM

RE: Eco-Friendly Flooring
No flooring product has zero impact on our planet, but some green materials are better than others...Bamboo is one eco friendly option...Cork is another eco friendly renewable resource material made out of the bark of the cork oak tree.....Rubber is another new eco friendly flooring material available these days....Linoleum uses the same ingredients today as when it was invented in 1863...Stone is another option to consider for the kitchen.forum image
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Washington, NY
Posted: June 17, 2010 1:02 AM

RE: Eco-Friendly Flooring
Switching to eco friendly flooring was a great idea,...  i do appreciate it....

Friendly green homes are durable andmore eco-friendly ....  They decrease air-contamination and cut the enviornmental degradation
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Posted: June 23, 2010 6:58 AM

RE: Eco-Friendly Flooring
The website is cool and there are lots of nice floorings.. If you areinterested you can have a look more on tradeguarantee website.

They the best local businesses listed on floorings.


Many Thanks

Jenny Richard

www.tradesdirect.com/ , www.trade...
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